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Whilst there's no denying that face to face instructor led training is a great methodology for delivering the right kind of training, there are increasing challenges with budget, climate issues and time that mean use of digital tools to help learning is a must.

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The Virtual Classroom has different names - perhaps or live online learning/sessions, or virtual instructor led training. Regardless of the name, the focus is on a facilitator or trainer being live in the moment with a group focusing on their learning and performance needs. This is different to e-learning or digital learning, which tend to be self-paced or at different times (asynchronous) such as with forums.

Webinars and Virtual classrooms often get confused as there is crossover. Webinars, often public for marketing or sales, are usually fairly short and often for a large number of people. The Virtual Classroom can be longer sessions, if appropriate, and crucially, for less people. Specifically, it's to focus on learning, training and performance.

The question we shall discuss in this webinar is "Can you really facilitate a group in the virtual classroom?"


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Thursday, 19 October, 2017 - 10:00
United Kingdom


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