1 April 2015

Companies that shun mobile technology are in danger of being left behind, Michael Richards says. Firms need to recognise the important role mobile technology is playing in today's modern society, and embrace this technology sooner rather than later. If the adoption of mobile technology brings with it more productive and...

31 March 2015

Communicating the benefits effectively to each generation can pay dividends and achieve the desired employee engagement and retention, John Sylvester says

31 March 2015

The model of train and tick to meet targets and compliance is no longer acceptable, Owen Ashby says

1 January 2015

TJ interviews an L&D specialist currently top of their success. This month, the focus is on the CIPD's head of L&D, Andy Lancaster

1 April 2015

Organisations around the world are facing demand from customers to provide a more agile workforce that is able to scale quickly and effectively meet demand. As a result, there is a greater need to scale up or down accordingly to remain competitive. However, this significantly complicates the task of ensuring the right employee skills are matched to the right jobs at the right times

31 March 2015

Parents of girls stated that their child would be most interested in pursuing a career in education and childcare (32 per cent), the arts (29 per cent), healthcare (26 per cent) and hair and beauty (23 per cent)

31 March 2015

A growing number of job advertisements are targeting individuals with soft skills. More than half (51 per cent) of all listings on Randstad’s website include the term team work, just over a fifth (21 per cent) mention communication and other key words such as passion, dedicated, effective, relationships and time management also figure prominently

30 March 2015

Taimur Khan provides his essential time management tips

24 March 2015

Sue Husband outlines the role that small businesses in particular can play in unlocking the great potential of young people 

16 March 2015

The world of computers offers plenty of opportunities to the next generation of hardware and software developers, as long as the children of today are taught the skills they need to become the computer programmers of tomorrow

1 April 2013

A library of management development books was recommended by members of the TJ Forum this month. Elizabeth Eyre reports

1 July 2010

A book entitled Leadership Coaching begs at least two questions of definition.

1 June 2010

As we face an age of austerity, there should be a large audience for a book called re-th!nk, which promises ideas for cutting costs and boosting innovation.

27 March 2015

How has performance management changed following the emergence of less hierarchical business structures? 

27 March 2015

Justifying investment in employee development is challenging but achievable, according to Cornerstone OnDemand 

18 March 2015

Andrew Jacobs, talent management and organisational development manager at London Borough of Lewisham, looks at what the terms 'shopkeepers' and 'engineers' mean in learning and development