28 July 2015

Andy Webber, trainer and coach at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, on why you need someone who is driven, focused, determined and manages relationships well. 



24 July 2015

Bob Ferguson, a member of Toastmasters International, explains how to get the best out of your employees. 

22 July 2015

Doug Tucker, the MD of Sales Commando, discusses creativity in selling and how it can impact a business.


24 June 2015

Blaire Palmer tells TJ what firms must do to get the best out of meetings

9 June 2015

Strategic thinking and a focus on excellence lie at the root of Carolann Edwards' success. Here she tells TJ about what matters most to her

5 May 2015

Transforming a major corporation's business model requires a change in development approach. SAP's Axel Ferreyrolles talks to Nick de Cent

27 July 2015

Sir Richard Branson has admitted he would be a difficult employee for any boss to manage as he offered his own advice on how to handle a disruptive individual. 

23 July 2015

A leading childcare training provider celebrated the achievements and dedication of their apprenticeship graduates with a prestigious award ceremony.

21 July 2015

A report from the government spending watchdog highlighted a "rapid decline" in the finances of the further education sector in England

1 April 2013

A library of management development books was recommended by members of the TJ Forum this month. Elizabeth Eyre reports

1 July 2010

A book entitled Leadership Coaching begs at least two questions of definition.

1 June 2010

As we face an age of austerity, there should be a large audience for a book called re-th!nk, which promises ideas for cutting costs and boosting innovation.

13 July 2015

Cornerstone OnDemand explore the latest recruitment techniques, and what it takes to successfully recruit the right candidates via social media 

8 July 2015

Businesses must look to their current employees for development and leadership roles if they are to succeed, says Cornerstone OnDemand 

14 April 2015

Adam Harwood helps us to understand what performance support is and how we can use it

7 April 2015

Doug Shaw discusses the meaning of the term collaborative learning