Principles of learning leadership

Written by Barry Johnson on 5 October 2017

Why do we need to think through learning leadership? Barry Johnson explains.

Getting started with learning analytics

Written by Ross Garner on 4 October 2017

Last week in this blog series I asked big questions from learning analytics. This week, I want to take a more practical approach by exploring the steps needed to gain useful insights from students' digital activity.

Big questions from learning analytics

Written by Ross Garner on 26 September 2017

Ross Garner's started a new course in digital education, and he's reporting his progress for TJ.

How to create a company culture that boosts morale

Written by Nick Gold on 26 September 2017

Nick Gold's latest blog tackles company culture.

Managers are your engagement trendsetters

Written by Stephanie Morgan on 19 September 2017

Stephanie Morgan has more ideas to get managers championing L&D.

The learning curve is really a staircase (with a trap door in it)

Written by Grant Cullen on 19 September 2017

Grant Cullen tells us how to really make learning stick.

The problem with authenticity

Written by Paul Matthews on 18 September 2017

Paul Matthews isn't happy with the continued focus on 'authenticity'.

Talent acquisition: Is there a Brexit effect?

Written by Lizzie Crowley on 15 September 2017

Lizzie Crowley kicks off TJ’s new series of blogs on Brexit and its impact on business with a look at immigration policy.

The future is now

Written by Barry Johnson on 13 September 2017

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and learning has a part to play, says Barry Johnson.

Learning Live 2017: A recap

Written by Jon Kennard on 11 September 2017

Our editor gives his take on this year's event.