What can you do to improve your confidence at work?

Written by Nick Gold on 26 January 2018

Nick Gold gives us a few important pointers around mental health in the workplace.

Five ethical frameworks for coaches

Written by Andrew Gibbons on 25 January 2018

Andrew Gibbons talks ethics - here are a few different definitions for all the coaches out there.

Investment in learning

Written by Barry Johnson on 8 January 2018

Barry Johnson continues his look at Industry 4.0.

Gamification is… what, exactly?

Written by David Squire on 4 January 2018

David Squire tells us the difference between gamification and game-based learning.

From training to facilitation

Written by Barry Johnson on 28 December 2017

A question is how can we facilitate and improve facilitation if we don’t know how people learn? Is what we did as trainers valid? Hopefully, neuroscientists and psychologists will clarify this.

There are disputed theories about learning from psychology, sociology, education and policy studies, valued in different ways from various perspectives such as political ideologies, social norms and values, history and personal preferences.

How L&D can tackle modern-day challenges

Written by Stephanie Morgan on 14 December 2017

Stephanie Morgan outlines the challenges of modern learning - and ways of overcoming them.

Change needs leadership

Written by Barry Johnson on 13 December 2017

Barry Johnson draws on a recent experience of change management and leadership.

The Learning Stack

Written by Paul Matthews on 4 December 2017

Paul Matthews introduces a five point model to help reflection as part of learning transfer

OEB preview 2: The future of our role and the part technology plays

Written by Jo Cook on 1 December 2017

Here's the second of Jo Cook's blogs looking her OEB17 topic, 'Taking the Uncertainty out of the Future Role of the L&D Professional'.

“I can never truly understand the lived experience of those who face daily ‘micro-aggressions’.”

Written by Stephen Hart on 29 November 2017

As the NHS Leadership Academy launches a system-wide intervention to increase the pace of change towards cultures of inclusion, Stephen Hart explores what it means to him.