Why did I choose TLDC18?

Written by Bethany Taylor on 29 January 2018

I’ve been working in learning and development for over a year now. When I first started as a trainee instructional designer, I was feeling very behind. I felt that I had finally found the career I was meant to have, but I had found it late.

I spent much of my initial months shadowing my colleague and learning as much as I could about the learning and development field. However, I still did not feel like I was gaining the information I needed.

That’s when I stumbled across the Training, Learning and Development Community (TLDC). They do a daily live webcast, called TLDCast, where they chat about the learning and development community. They interview and gain insights from the prominent names in the industry as well as the newbies.

All to further the conversation. This was exactly what I was looking for, a place to learn and explore all of the facets of the industry along with others in a similar place.  

After spending countless webcasts involved, I started to make individual connections with local L&D folk who were willing to provide guidance and with further folk abroad. Even though these connections were successfully maintained virtually, there is also incredible value in meeting in person.   

The founders of the TLDC also wanted to be able to continue these in-person conversations, so they created a conference. A more intimate conference where the general ‘hallway’ conversations are the focus and extending conversations are key.

When I heard about the TLDC18, I knew that this was exactly the next step in my own development. A place where I am not just a number and I get to discuss face-to-face with all of the inspirational people I had virtually met. I know that the value from the normal daily discussions will be multiplied exponentially in only two short days.

The range of sessions, from Maximizing Memory: Practical Neuroscience for Learning Professionals to Connecting L&D and Sales: Making an Impact Where Business is Won!, means that I will walk away with diverse new skills and knowledge.

Also, the range of speakers represented, from companies like Amazon and GoDaddy, means that I will walk away with a well-rounded overview of the field. It helps that the location is in sunny Phoenix, Arizona too!

Join me on this journey as I discuss, learn and develop.


About the author

Bethany Taylor is a junior instructional designer for eCom Scotland. She currently acts as a volunteer writer for the TLDC.

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