Traineeships are a golden opportunity for both employers and learners

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Written by Jeremy Scorer on 25 February 2014

As the managing partner of a skills and training company specialising in the hospitality industry, I have the opportunity to work with a large number of young adults in need of important career direction and untapped ambition. A recent report from FCSI and Allegra strategies 'Taste of the Future 2020' highlighted the widening skills gap across the hospitality industry and the importance of increasing the number of young people undertaking training to help develop as an individual and help them along their career path, opening the doors to the exciting opportunities that improved knowledge and workplace experience can offer.  

Although I have used hospitality to hammer home this point, I feel that high-quality vocational training is vital to any industry, from engineering and construction to business and administration. Providing training has measurable benefits to both employers and learners. 

For the employer it offers a valuable tool to develop your business through incentivising enthusiastic young people with fresh ideas before they get on to the job ladder, developing them and inspiring them to add value to a business. These traineeships can also be tailored to suit a company's core messages and strategy to ensure learners can progress in accordance with the specific values and practices of an organisation. With government funding available to support these programmes, employers who do not take this opportunity to guide the career paths and development of future employees are missing out. 

Last autumn, the government announced its intention to place funding firmly in the hands of the employer rather than the provider, a radical change from the previous system. This vote of confidence in UK business from policy makers places the ball very much in the employers court and it is now up to them to secure funding and source a training provider to develop a high quality, empathetic traineeship programme. 

For learners, traineeships open the door to exciting career opportunities in any industry, offering that vitally important first step along the career path. For those who respond well to the training programmes, progression can be fast and the rewards manifold. Looking to the licensed hospitality industry, in which most of the training Charnwood provide is focused, successful candidates can rise rapidly from behind the bar to management level going on to earning competitive salaries and running their own establishment. 

The varied number of vocational traineeships across all sectors is large and potential learners must do their research carefully to ensure that they choose the right course. It is detrimental for both the learner and the employer if an able candidate is studying the wrong course. As such, companies also need to ensure that their traineeship programmes are clearly worded in simple terms with very specific details of the work entailed and the standards required. 

It is worth re-iterating that traineeships provide young people with a very effective route into a long-term career and for employers it can ensure that they are able to attract and develop talented people to become valued, skills and enthusiastic members of their workforce. 

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Jeremy Scorer is a managing partner at Charnwood Training. He can be contacted via

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