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Written by Jo Cook on 27 September 2021

No one needs reminding of the Zoomfest that was 2020 during the global pandemic! Zoom fatigue became a thing and for many people still is and the universal phrase of “you’re on mute” can now be bought on coffee mugs.

With the enforced lockdowns it meant that much of our work and learning went digital – there was much greater us of e-learning modules, the learning management system offerings and, of course, live online learning. This was a mixed blessing.

For many organisations and individuals it meant that their business survived and that mandatory or important training could continue. But the flipside is that for many, the training quality wasn’t very good. In the early pandemic this was utterly understandable as a quick-turnaround intervention.

But as the year went on, and as we now have moved into a new year, and many people are still experiencing poor virtual training, meetings and now hybrid approaches. They often feel like the problem is the digital offering itself and blame Zoom or Teams and not the people that designed and delivered it.

We now have moved into a new year, many people are still experiencing poor virtual training, meetings and now hybrid approaches

This is where a research survey steps in – to find out more about what makes people tick in the live online environment. Do attendees really want to see the facilitator on webcam the whole time, or even be on webcam themselves?

How are all these live online sessions affecting people’s mental health, and has the organisation helped them with this new way of learning and working? And what kind of interactions do people value, more than being talked at for a length of time?

This research survey has been put together drawing upon my virtual learning experience and the behavioural science background of Jane Daly. We want to provide some evidence-based information about best practice on how to design and deliver good, live, online and hybrid learning and events.

The survey is open from 4 October until 4 November 2021 and to take part click here. We will be sharing the results once we have them!


About the author

Jo Cook is a specialist in live online learning, find out more at Lightbulb Moment Limited

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