How much more appalling leadership do we have to put up with before we change?

Written by Elke Edwards on 20 August 2019

Leadership training needs an overhaul - and soon, says Elke Edwards.

Skills shortages

Written by Barry Johnson on 19 August 2019

Barry Johnson talks 70:20:10 and the fourth Industrial Revolution. 

What strengthens you and do you do it every day?

Written by Elke Edwards on 17 July 2019

We have a new blogger! Please give Elke Edwards, founder of Ivy House London, a warm welcome to the TJ ranks. 

Get more introverts involved in mentoring

Written by Laura Francis on 8 July 2019

New blogger Laura Francis kicks off with a post about how to mentor introverts. 

Graduates: The core of the company future

Written by Barry Johnson on 8 May 2019

Barry Johnson values the graduate experience in business. 

How to encourage ideas flow in a training session that includes different personalities and generations

Written by Nick Gold on 17 April 2019

Nick Gold has some creative tips for facilitating productive training sessions.

Reading for CPD: How I overcame ‘read and forget’ syndrome

Written by Andrew Gibbons on 27 March 2019

Barack Obama finds five uninterrupted hours a week for reading. Could you do the same, asks Andrew Gibbons.

Book review: Informal Learning at Work

Written by Jack Lockhart on 18 February 2019

Jon the editor gives his blog over to a review of Paul Matthews's recent book, Informal Learning at Work.

How to set professional goals for 2019 that you'll actually keep

Written by Nick Gold on 13 February 2019

Want to set some achievable goals that you'll stick to? Nick Gold has some advice.

The strategic imperative

Written by Paul Matthews on 23 January 2019

Your L&D strategy needs to be flexible AND aligned to the business, says Paul Matthews.