Author's checklist

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Please complete and return this checklist with any commissioned articles – failure to do so will result in a delay in publication. Please check all boxes

The name, job title and contact details for the author have been included              [   ]

Any permissions to use copyright material have been obtained from the appropriate
author or publisher                                                                                                     [   ]

References for any quoted material within the article are included – set out as follows:
Author, Title of publication, publisher, year of publication and website if appropriate       [    ]

Low resolution images, photos or diagrams in the article have been included as a
guide for placement. High resolution versions have been sent with the article as a
compressed file or by a web-based file sharing platform like Dropbox or WeTransfer        [   ]                  

That the article has been read and proofed by someone other than the author to
ensure the copy flows and is clear. (TJ will be copyediting and proofing but a
sense-check by a third party is recommended.                                                                      [   ]

We offer a free three-month digital subscription to TJ  (full price £99) and will set this up automatically on receipt of your completed text. Please tick this box if you want this
activated.                                                                                                                    [   ]




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