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Written by Jon Kennard on 4 January 2018 in Press Zone
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People analytics and mental wellbeing will gain favour in the workplace, as millennials take over and a shrinking talent pool fiercens the competition for hiring the very best.

  • People analytics will become an integral part of HR practice. HR will use increasingly accessible people data to eliminate subjectivity in business-critical people decisions.
  • A shrinking talent pool will lead to recruitment wars. Differentiation will not only be a concern for customer, but employee too.
  • The mental wellbeing of employees will become a boardroom issue. Numerous research including the Government’s recently published Thriving at Work report, will lead to a heightened alertness to employee mental wellbeing.

Perkbox, UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform, predicts people analytics and mental wellbeing will gain favour this 2018, as the workplace becomes ever more important to employers.

Like the sales and marketing functions, HR is becoming a data-driven force with the power to make businesses money. 2018 will see another influx of talented analytical professionals enter the space – and of course further advances in the HR tech they use.

HR will become even more sophisticated in the way it measures people. Streamlining the collection, interpretation and application of data will help organisations improve workplace planning, talent management, recruitment and retention.

As the population ages and jobs become increasingly specialised, we’ll also see the competition for talent fiercen. Some 60% of HR and recruitment professionals anticipate that in the next three years we’ll experience increased difficulty in recruiting senior and skilled employees as a direct result of Brexit.

2018 will also see HR take a more considered approach to wellness. Catalysing this trend is a combination of state intervention – such as the Government’s recent 'Thriving at Work' report and the latest regulations introduced for employment in the gig economy – and a collective openness to discussing issues that have too long been considered taboo.

As well as the more obvious areas of wellness – such as mental and physical – employers are now realising their responsibility in their people’s financial and emotional wellness.

Chieu Cao, CMO and Co-Founder of Perkbox, comments:

“As millennials rise in the workplace, the stigma surrounding job-hopping is becoming a thing of the past. This has come at a time when skills and good ideas are at an all-time premium posing difficulty to businesses having to fill specialist roles from a shrinking talent pool. The fear of Brexit’s impact in the UK also adds to this challenge.

“Fortunately 2017 brought scrutiny to just about every HR practice we have in place, with many on their way of being reinvented completely. In 2018 we’ll see organisations – particularly larger ones – lean on these new resources to strive for differentiation and overcome the most pressing challenges facing talent retention.”


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