TJ Newsflash: 30 January

Written by Debbie Carter on 30 January 2023 in News

TJ’s editor selects news, views and research from the world of HR, talent and learning. 

How to support and develop modern managers

Written by Amrit Sandhar on 27 January 2023 in Features

Many managers lack the competence to function effectively, Amrit Sandhar shows how to identify and support those struggling

Entrepreneurial skills – a must for all

Written by Roger Hamilton on 25 January 2023 in Opinion

Roger Hamilton argues that entrepreneurship should be taught to all young people in their formal education

Six steps to support neurodiverse talent at work

Written by Cass Coulston and Ricardo Twumasi on 24 January 2023 in Features

In another article on supporting wellbeing at work Cass Coulston and Ricardo Twumasi examine neurodiversity

Hey! Write an email in the style of …

Written by Kim Arnold on 20 January 2023 in Opinion

Email expert Kim Arnold looks at the latest chatbot and identifies its pros and cons

Supporting creativity in corporate environments

Written by Luke Smith on 18 January 2023 in Features

Luke Smith investigates the importance of creativity and how it can improve business outcomes

5 top tips to avoid commitment drift

Written by Suzanne Zudiker on 17 January 2023 in Features

Is your organisation’s DEI strategy losing direction? Suzanne Zudiker shines a light on how L&D can get it back on track

Agile – an antidote to quiet quitting

Written by Giora Morein on 16 January 2023 in Features

As lack of motivation and engagement grips organisations, Giora Morein suggests that agile methodology could be the way to re-energise flagging employees 


TJ interviews: L&D specialist Al Dea

Written by Conor Gilligan on 13 January 2023 in Interviews

Speaker, facilitator and podcast presenter Al Dea talks to Conor Gilligan of Degreed about the changing role of the manager

TJ Newsflash: 13 January

Written by Debbie Carter on 13 January 2023 in News

Welcome to the first TJ news update of 2023! The editorial team have selected the most valuable insights, research and stories to support L&D people in their continuing professional development

Spearheading employee engagement in 2023

Written by Chris Chappell on 12 January 2023 in Features

Kick-start employee engagement with learning initiatives that appeal to a variety of learners – Chris Chappell offers his advice

6 New Year’s resolutions for a healthy business

Written by Jeremy Campbell on 11 January 2023 in Opinion

Jeremy Campbell offers advice on achieving our goals in the coming year – both at work and at home

Put people first

Written by Molly Courtice on 23 December 2022 in Features

Molly Courtice on why supporting employee wellbeing is more than just an engagement strategy 

TJ Newsflash: 23 December

Written by Debbie Carter on 23 December 2022 in News

This is TJ's final posting of 2022 and we return on 9 January. Our thanks go to all those contributors, bloggers and interview candidates who have supplied great resources to our growing community and 2023 is going to be another great year as L&D leaders and teams continue to support leaders, organisations and people to flourish.  

The season of good will

Written by Graham James on 22 December 2022 in Features

Graham James on how to maximise employee wellbeing this Christmas

Busting the myths of work-related wellbeing

Written by Cass Coulston and Myanna Duncan on 13 December 2022 in Features

In the first of a series of articles on work-related wellbeing, Cass Coulston and Myanna Duncan reveal the true drivers behind this growing organisational imperative 

How to create a feedback culture using 360

Written by Steve Macaulay & Sarah Cook on 8 December 2022 in Features

Sarah Cook and Steve Macaulay provide advice on developing a feedback culture that promotes on-going feedback and continuous improvement 

Investing in apprenticeships

Written by Nichola Hay on 6 December 2022 in Opinion

Apprenticeships are crucial to business growth and here Nichola Hay demonstrates how to use them to ease your skills’ shortages

A duty of care

Written by Luke Smith on 2 December 2022 in Features

Luke Smith explores the importance of supporting employees through medical issues

Talking about DEI

Written by Dana James-Edwards on 1 December 2022 in Opinion

Dana James-Edwards shows the importance integrity when having sensitive conversations