TJ and OEB kick off media partnership with deputy editor speaking slot

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Written by Jon Kennard on 5 September 2017 in Press Zone
Press Zone

TJ is pleased to announce that deputy editor Jo Cook will be speaking at Online Educa Berlin conference in December.

The OEB conference is a long-standing focus on online education for both academia and the business world.

Cook said, "I spoke at OEB for the first time last year and it was an excellent experience. Great conversation about how you can engage audiences online, and I shared what we had learned at TJ with the #TJwow discussion webinar series."

She continued, "This year the focus of the conference is Learning Uncertainty - there certainly is a lot of economic, political and physical change and turmoil in the world, let alone progression in the sciences, business and technology.

"My presentation, which the whole TJ team is working on, is going to be about taking the uncertainty out of the future role of the L&D professional. We are going to draw on previous TJ research as well as trends and up-to-date opinions."

TJ will be at OEB in force, with online editor Jon Kennard interviewing keynote speakers and reporting back for those not able to travel to Berlin. Kennard commented, "OEB is an essential gathering for L&D professionals in the UK and around the world.

"What started as a conference about technology-assisted education has grown into an event that has a much more wide-ranging remit to include corporate learning too; it draws some of the best speakers and thinkers from around the world. This year will be no different and I'm really excited to be attending again."

Kennard also added, "Jo's going to bring her blend of super-engaging persona and deep subject knowledge to this talk, so even though it's about uncertainty it's good to know we can rely on some elements of the session! 

"We'll be publishing content both before, live/during and after the event across the site, and through our other media platforms such as Facebook, Audioboom, Soundcloud and Vimeo so there will be plenty of ways to catch up with what's going on."

Find out more about OEB here