Strengths Profile celebrates 10 years of strengthening the world

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Written by Jon Kennard on 29 July 2019 in Press Zone
Press Zone

As the Strengths Profile tool reaches over a million users, Capp is celebrating stepping into its second decade of strengthening engagement and performance in more than 5000 organisations across 90 countries worldwide.

An organisation’s greatest assets are its people’s strengths. However, not everyone is clear about what their strengths are or how to make the most of them.

The Strengths Profile tool is a simple, affordable and scalable 20-minute assessment that measures performance, energy, and use increasing productivity for both individuals and teams. The Profile reveals where each of the 60 strengths sit within the following four quadrants of their unique Model of Development:

  1. Realised strengths: strengths you use and enjoy
  2. Unrealised Strengths: strengths you don’t use as often
  3. Learned behaviours: things you’ve learned to do but may not enjoy
  4. Weaknesses: things you find hard and don’t enjoy

As a result, individuals and teams becoming more aware of what they can do, can't do, and enjoy doing. 

The impact of using Strengths Profile:

  • 6X increase in engagement at work
  • 36% higher employee performance when managed for strengths
  • 13% increase in team productivity when strengths are used daily

Strengths Profile is currently used by individualscoachescareer services professionalsmanagers, and organisations as the blue-print for effective and engaging onboarding, team, leadership and career development.

Kirstan Marnane, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

“I have used the Strengths Profile for over a dozen senior executive teams as part of their team effectiveness improvement journey. It had positive impact on three levels:

  1. on the individuals who became more analytical about themselves, and began to see more concrete and previously unanticipated ways to build on their strengths in their current roles;
  2. on the relationships between team members as they shared and discussed their profiles with one another and deepened their connection;
  3. and perhaps most importantly, in all cases, was the impact on team performance, because as they looked together at their team profile, it was the first time these teams had actually had an analytical conversation about their collective strengths and weaknesses, how to mitigate for what was missing and how to concretely put to use the multiple strengths they had to attack their future strategies.”

Amy Hayward, Group Business Manager, BBC:

“The strengths session was extremely insightful. We are spending more time together as a group to continue this learning in order to support our strategy and keep the momentum going. Team members are frequently referring to their strengths when interacting with each other, and a level of openness has been achieved that is proving very useful both in day-to-day communication and pursuit of our longer-term goals.”

Colleen Boselli, Principal, Strengths Catalyst Partners:

“Discovering Strengths Profile changed my life. For more than nine years I have worked with Strengths Profile practically every day, bringing it into my coaching and development work with individuals and with teams. It has not only spurred my own growth and development as a person and a professional, but it has enabled me to effectively support the authenticity of thousands of people.

"I work with Strengths Profile almost to the exclusion of all other business tools. It is sophisticated, intelligent and simply more useful than other tools I have tried. It can help anyone – young or old, any culture or situation – deepen their self-awareness and overcome obstacles.”