Skill Pill breaks new ground with data visualisation micro-learning series

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Written by Jon Kennard on 15 January 2020 in Press Zone
Press Zone

Skill Pill, in collaboration with the Financial Times (FT), has produced the first micro-learning series dedicated to data visualisation.

Skill Pill, in collaboration with the Financial Times (FT), has produced the first micro-learning series dedicated to data visualisation. This new series makes use of the ‘Visual Vocabulary’ used day-to-day by the FT and will enable the learner to raise their game in creating high-impact data presentations.

 A 2017 study by IBM showed that 90% of the world’s data had been created in the last two years. The amount of data produced on a daily and yearly basis has increased exponentially over the past decade.

The Data Visualisation series is a recognition of the growth in data, the changing demands of the workplace, and appreciates that it is a modern necessity to understand data and present it clearly and succinctly.

Skill Pill founder Gerry Griffin comments: “This new series with the Financial Times will empower everyone who has to work with data to provide high-impact insights and deliver powerful presentations”.

The series provides exclusive access to the Financial Times’ ‘Visual Vocabulary’ – a collection of 75 charts and graphs, which delivers a guide for visualising data. Skill Pill also offers this translated into: French, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Japanese, to ensure that the Data Visualisation series can be utilised by organisations and businesses around the world.

 The new series includes titles such as:

  • Reducing the Cognitive Burden
  • Visual Variables: The Science Behind Good Charts
  • Ranking Charts: Removing Non-Essential Information
  • Combining Chart Channels
  • Telling Stories with Multiple Charts  
  • Axis Scaling: How to Reveal More (or Less)

 The Data Visualisation series has been produced with a sharp focus on the quality of the content. An ongoing collaboration with the Financial Times has allowed Skill Pill to work directly with Alan Smith - The Financial Times’ resident ‘Chart Doctor’ and the former Head of Content and Principal Methodologist at the Office for National Statistics.

The Data Visualisation series has been created around Alan Smith’s extensive experience and expertise in the Data Visualisation world. This partnership has allowed Skill Pill to ensure its new series is grounded in quality and backed by world-renowned expertise. 

This new series adds to Skill Pill’s already successful pack, Digital Transformation. Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organisational processes, allowing for new types of innovation and creativity to surface as businesses switch to digital means.

Skill Pill's Digital Transformation pack combines digital transformation know-how with key change management processes, helping employees build the skills and capacity to succeed at this leading-edge transformation.

The Digital Transformation pack encourages the education of an in-depth understanding of digital knowledge. Among other modules included in the pack, ‘Digital Smarts’ allows learners to ask themselves the key questions when designing a new project regarding Big Data & Data Analytics.

Alongside the Data Visualisation series, Digital Transformation reinforces the inherent need for concise and clear data-handling in the workplace.

The Data Visualisation series is now immediately available as a bundle from Skill Pill.

To find out more about Skill Pill and the Data Visualisation series, please get in touch today.