People Development Summit 2018: Delegate list growing by the day

Written by Jon Kennard on 11 October 2017 in Press Zone
Press Zone

In a world where email is king, is there still a place for meeting face to face? 

The simple answer - yes. 

Face to face meetings are simply the most effective way of capturing the attention of your prospects, making you twice as likely to convert new business. It also provides buyers with the best platform to assess whether the new relationship is going to be viable in the long term. 

The ability to read body language allows us to pick up on the more subtle elements to conversations, and this can have huge impacts on our business relationships. Ask yourself, is a meaningful and long lasting business relationship going to come about from emailing or calling? 


Wouldn't taking part in a shared networking experience in Budapest be a better way? An event that gives L&D buyers and sellers the opportunity to meet 1:1? Of course it would. The People Development Summit will provide exactly that.

For a supplier, the opportunity to meet your next 'best client', build your pipeline for 2018 and enhance your brand within the Learning & Development sector.

For a buyer, the opportunity to meet with some of the UK's best L&D providers, network with your industry piers and attend learning sessions to stay up to date with hot topics. 

Take a look at the latest list of L&D professionals confirmed to attend the March 2018 Summit here

Or take a look at our testimonial video here -

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