New collaborative learning widget to encourage shared learning

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Written by Jon Kennard on 20 November 2020 in Press Zone
Press Zone

Digital learning agency Skill Pill launches a new widget encouraging synchronous team viewing of its learning.

The Collaborative Learning Widget is now bundled into the current content offer.

Gerry Griffin, Skill Pill founder comments: “The majority of digital learning is asynchronous with the learner watching the video alone. We believe that for key topics such as diversity and inclusion and digital transformation, digital learning is best consumed in teams – collaboratively. This widget enables just that.”

How it works: the team leader selects the relevant module and a time for the cohort to learn together, which generates a learning ‘ticket’. The team leader can drop the ticket into Outlook, Yammer, Teams, Slack, Salesforce and so forth. Designed with a cinema theme, the widget also features downloadable worksheets to drive collaboration. 

Below is a screengrab of the widget in action:

A walkthrough for the Collaborative Learning Widget can be found here.

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