Lockdown: Is this an opportunity to drive the value from learning?

Written by Jon Kennard on 24 March 2020 in Press Zone
Press Zone

The Coronavirus has sent shockwaves around the world and the worst affected areas such as China, Italy and Iran have already taken drastic measures to prevent further spread.

Sadly, the situation in the UK has also escalated and now the government has advised people across the UK to work from home if they can. Consequently, many organisations will be operating remotely until further notice

However, some organisations may fare better than others. Digitally-led organisations, for example, that already operate in a ‘virtual’ way may find that they are impacted to a lesser extent than those organisations who are still in the early stages of enablement but are forced to employ ‘emergency’ remote working.

So organisations must take serious steps to enable their workforce in every way possible if they want to protect themselves from the significant economic, social and political disruption caused by the Coronavirus.

Not only will organisations need to embrace virtual working but they will also need to take full advantage of virtual learning opportunities in order to develop new management behaviours that will foster high levels of engagement, performance and productivity and help them to secure their businesses in tough times.

Notion’s award-winning virtual management development programme is a prime example of virtual learning that offers organisations a genuine alternative to the traditional workshop. Robustly designed, the STAR® Manager programme combines all the best elements of Notion’s live programmes to achieve a ‘better than a live programme’ experience for all learners wherever they may be.

This means that managers can continue developing the skills they need to support their co-workers even when they are isolated at home and acquire new skills that will increase their capability to manage others remotely. This includes developing a brand new way of communicating that keeps people engaged and productive and eliminates the impulse to micromanage which usually causes feelings of mistrust. 

The STAR® Manager programme is 100% virtual and can be completed anytime, any place, and via any device yet still delivers outstanding ROI. This incredible flexibility gives organisations the opportunity to really drive the value from learning even in a lockdown situation.

In fact, one of Notions’s global clients, who is currently accelerating remote working for their office-based staff, has taken the measure to ban all training across the organisation. They have made just one exception: STAR® Manager.

In spite of the huge challenges facing them, this one element of the L&D strategy will continue to support their leaders and managers while also helping them to build the critical skills they need to succeed when communicating and collaborating via virtual platforms.

Even in lockdown, STAR® Manager allows organisations to develop managers with complete confidence that the programme will run on rails. That means it won’t be affected by training embargos, venue cancellations, travel restrictions or social distancing measures.

Learners will be able to organise short bursts of learning around other responsibilities, access resources and support directly from their device, stay virtually connected with other learners and even access live tutor support without having to leave their homes.

Importantly, organisations will be able to take advantage of its incredible flexibility to equip their managers with brand new skills that will drive performance, growth and profitability giving their businesses a competitive edge when it’s most needed.

Development like this, which can be delivered virtually just as effectively as in-person, is now on course to become a major component of any future L&D strategy, not simply because the new technology allows it, but because not being able to do so could have catastrophic consequences on an organisation’s ability to sustain, grow and compete in dire circumstances such as these.

The Coronavirus may force us to expedite such solutions and increase the need to upskill our teams to get through these challenging times. 

If you need to rethink your L&D solutions for 2020 or want to find out how you can integrate STAR® Manager into your existing development plans (at speed so you don’t lose momentum) click here for more information and to watch a short video of STAR® Manager in action. Alternatively, request a demo or call Notion for an informal chat on +44 (0)1926 889 885.

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