Learning systems expert Craig Weiss unveils groundbreaking tool for learning tech buyers

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Written by Jon Kennard on 25 September 2018 in Press Zone
Press Zone

Craig Weiss just unveiled FindAnLMS.com, a new tool that will make it faster and easier to match up companies with the right learning systems.

While the new tool is called FindanLMS, it will have comprehensive information on all types of learning systems, including learning engagement platforms, sales enablement platforms, learning platforms, employee engagement systems, skill-based systems, and more.

At last count, there are over 1000 learning systems worldwide. Buyers trying to navigate this confusing market often turn to Weiss for help, “I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to match them up with the right learning systems, but every year, there are thousands of others who I just can’t get to” said Weiss.

“Over the past few years, it’s been painful to hear over and over how companies choose a learning system and suffer for years of trying to make it work and eventually ditch it and start over again. I decided to build this application, documenting what I’ve learned over twenty years and make it free and easy for everyone to get past all the noise in the marketplace.”

Currently, there are similar looking websites that offer advice about buying B2B software in general, but none of them are so focused on the learning systems market, which has been legendary for its unique challenges and complexity.

“I knew there weren’t any tools in the market that addressed the needs of learning systems buyers,” said Weiss. “I felt like I was in a unique position to build such a site, with my experience and most importantly, the database I’ve compiled over years of selecting systems.”

“Craig Weiss is the top authority when it comes to the learning systems industry. His in-depth knowledge about each learning system provider matched the right system to our business needs,” said Cory Kreeck, the VP, Organizational Development at BeachBody.

“We knew what we wanted in an LMS, but Craig helped us focus on priorities. His relationships in the industry accelerated the search process and he clarified the questions we needed to ask to choose the right vendor. I would not buy an LMS without Craig’s perspective.”

In addition to helping buyers find the right learning systems, FindAnLMS.com will also give the ability to assess multiple systems and immediately engage with learning system providers. This helps achieve the goal of shortening the buying cycle, which averages over six months and can sometimes stretch into years.

Buyers will also be able to filter their search by functionality, audience type, price range, implementation timeframe, industry, number of learners, and rankings from Craig’s annual Top 50 Guide. Buyers can send vendors their own RFP/RFI through the system where the vendor can view the materials and respond. They can also contact vendors through the platform to schedule meetings, demos and trials. 

Top learning system/platform vendors who are already in FindAnLMS.com:

eLogic Learning, Litmos by SAP, Growth Engineering, Docebo, CrossKnowledge, Unicorn LMS, SumTotal Learn, Cornerstone Learn, Workday Learning, Blackboard, Degreed, Learn Amp, EdCast, Toolwire, 360Learning, Loop, Lumesse, Percipio by Skillsoft, Coorpacademy, GamEffectiv, Schoox, Intellium, UpsideLMS, CD2 Learning, Tessello, Bridge, Instructure Canvas, OnPoint Digital, Cyper Learning – makers of MATRIX and NEO LMS, LearnUpon, GeoTalent, IMC-AG, Talent LMS, Accord LMS, Thought Industries, Administrate, LMS365, Learnosphere, Torch LMS, Kallidus, Learning Cart, FeatherCap, Accessplanint, Digits Glo, Learnifer, Agylia, NetDimensions, PeopleFluent, Training Orchestra, Spoke by Unboxed Technology, Skilljar, eLoomi, eLastic Learning, Area 9, eXactLS, Webanywhere, ShareKnowledge, ShiftIQ, Eurekos, Gyrus, LearningTribes, Percolate, springtest, Zoomi, BizLibrary, Digitec Interactive, and D2L.

To learn more about how FindAnLMS.com works, read blog or visit the platform today at https://findanlms.com/


About The Craig Weiss Group

Craig Weiss is an e-learning analyst, immersive learning and online learning expert, blogger, speaker and thought leader, who has been in the industry for over 18 years. He is the CEO and lead analyst for The Craig Weiss Group, LLC. which provides advisory, analyst, acquisition strategy and consulting services to buyers and suppliers in the e-learning industry. 

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