Go nuts for this fun festive challenge designed to keep your brain working over Christmas

Written by Jon Kennard on 23 December 2019 in Press Zone
Press Zone

MTa Learning give us a festive brain teaser.

You can’t get away from nuts at Christmas: chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, or maybe just the family and friends who drive you nuts!

It’s easy to become focused on the food at Christmas, and who can blame you, it’s delicious! But spare a thought for your grey matter and give your brain a bit of a workout.

To help you, MTa Learning has hidden 5 green nuts, the kind you use with bolts, in and around the Christmas tree. It takes the average person 3m 18s to find them all: the same time it takes to eat a mince pie. How long will it take you?

Christmas may mean a welcome break from work, but it doesn’t mean our brains stop working. In fact,  it’s a busy time with lots to juggle: whether it’s making sure you find the time to finish that big assignment, planning your calendar around all the Christmas parties, or organising a five-course festive feast for the whole family. 

Problem-solving, planning and communication are all needed. But these skills aren’t just for Christmas. You need them in the workplace too and they can all be developed for peanuts using an MTa Kit.

They’re fun, engaging activities all backed up by theory (or mAcademia if you will), to improve and develop your soft skills.

So, stretch your brain and see if you can find the 5 nuts in this festive puzzle before you crack.

Here's a link to the company blog post - with solution


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Since 1982, trainers have been delivering fun & effective sessions with MTa’s experiential learning activities. 

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