Fosway Group and Valamis to Explore Successful Strategies for Corporate Learning and Innovation

Written by Jon Kennard on 5 October 2018 in Press Zone
Press Zone

The two industry leading organisations will host a breakfast seminar to talk about upskilling the workforce and enabling innovation in the digital transformation era.

Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, and Valamis, the global leader in digital learning technologies and workforce development, will host a complimentary breakfast seminar on “Corporate Learning and Innovation in the Digital Transformation Era” on 9th October, 2018 at Level39 in London.

Several industries such as finance, insurance, professional services, healthcare, and manufacturing are being inundated with new technology and intelligent automation is transforming the future of work. As part of the 4th industrial revolution, we are seeing that learning has become a critical piece of a company’s success and productivity.

But with 85% of organisations having a fragmented ecosystem for digital learning according to Fosway Group’s research, this seminar explores how to maximise best of breed solutions, build coherent learning experiences and successfully manage innovation in the changing world of work.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, comments, “Learning has never been about one approach or one system. There have always been a myriad of strategic solutions, approaches, contexts and types of content.

"Now, rising trends around video and mobile learning are important, learner engagement is key – but that doesn’t mean that compliance and strategic development programmes have become less important. Companies need all of these components to be effective.

"I’m looking forward to sharing insights around creating a modern learning ecosystem that innovates and delivers a seamless experience both for learners and business stakeholders alike."

"The right learning strategy can support organisations in achieving their strategic business goals. It also impacts company culture and acts as an enabler for people, particularly during times of significant change.

"Making this happen for tens of thousands of employees in large organisations isn’t easy, but the latest learning technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence put this exciting opportunity within everybody’s reach”, comments Janne Hietala, Chief Commercial Officer at Valamis.

In addition to Wilson and Hietala, the third speaker at the seminar is Dr. Charles Camarda, Sr. Advisor for Engineering Development from NASA Langley Research Center. Dr. Camarda will reveal how they tackle the digital transformation with next generation technologies at NASA.

The breakfast event welcomes all leaders responsible for workforce development, learning, and innovation in large organisations.

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