Dr Julian Nesbitt Launches Mental Health Platform to Tackle Employee Mental Health Crisis

Written by Jon Kennard on 10 October 2018 in Press Zone
Press Zone

The Dr Julian Platform enables employees suffering with mental health issues to connect with mental healthcare specialists.

The Dr Julian Platform, with its newly launched web and mobile apps, enables employees suffering with mental health issues to connect with mental healthcare specialists quickly and securely from the comfort of their own home through video and text-link using their phone/laptop.

As well as being accepted onto the NHS digital accelerator program to propel the use of this technology into the NHS they have launched a new initiative to tackle the huge crisis in employee mental health.

There is ever increasing need for mental health support in the work place with three out of five employees experiencing a mental health issue in the last year because of work. (Mental health at work report 2017) Mental health issues are costing UK businesses between £32 and £42bn per year and costing the UK economy up to £99bn per year. 49% of all working days lost to ill health are related to stress.

Whilst working in A&E, Dr Julian Nesbitt who has developed the platform, regularly found that many of his patients who had been in work tried to take their own lives because they could not access the help they needed fast enough.

Dr Julian’s desire to bring help quickly and safely into people’s lives motivated him to create the Dr Julian Platform. The platform is built with secure video-link technology that is scientifically proven to be as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy and psychiatry.

Furthermore, it enables more patients to connect with mental health specialists of their choice, in the language they need, when they need them from the comfort of their own home/office. 

Dr Julian, along with Dr Julian’s Psychotherapy Director Philippa Weitz have personally recruited, interviewed and monitored the performance of a wide selection of highly qualified and experienced therapists. Many of these therapists have different specialist interests such as gambling, addiction, trauma, relationship and psychosexual issues as well as stress, anxiety and depression.

There is also a diagnostic tool within the platform, allowing employees to assess their level of depression and anxiety on a regular basis and to track their progress over time. To assist those suffering mental health issues the website provides detailed information on mental health conditions, suggestions on how to manage them and discusses the different types of therapy available.

These services are available now through www.dr-julian.com

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