Employee Development 2020: Making the business case for employee training

Written by Cornerstone OnDemand on 27 March 2015 in Press Zone
Press Zone

Justifying investment in employee development is challenging but achievable, according to Cornerstone OnDemand 

Talent management is on every company’s agenda as markets constantly shift and conditions change. Particularly in industries that are candidate-driven, employee development is essential to retaining talent and running a successful business. 

The majority of companies want to make a profit so it is important to effectively measure employee development in relation to business goals. According to the CIPD 2014 Learning and Development Survey, the median training budget per employee in the UK is £286. Unsurprisingly, spend is highest in the private sector (£372) and lowest in the public sector (£238). 

Justifying investment is challenging but achievable. 

The Employee Development 2020 whitepaper explores a mixture of measurement techniques including return of investment (ROI), return on expectations (ROE) and return on training (ROT). 

To read the full whitepaper, click here. 

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