Building fulfilling careers for young people

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Written by Zainab Oyegoke on 15 December 2021 in Press Zone
Press Zone

We need to do a better job of preparing young people for the world of work, so they can make informed choices and build fulfilling careers.  

Educators, policy makers and employers need to work together to help young people develop the skills they need to thrive in the world of work. 

Supporting young people to build fulfilling careers is a collective responsibility and one that benefits organisations by improving diversity, bringing in new ideas and skills, and helping to build talent pipelines. This is critical to long-term productivity and competitiveness. 

The CIPD’s latest report, Youth employment in the UK 2021, explores how young people understand and are prepared for the world of work. 66% of graduates feel the educational qualifications they hold were necessary to get their current job, but just 41% said they were necessary to do their job effectively, according to the report. 

Youth employment in the UK 2021 is part of the CIPD’s One Million Chances campaign to create a million opportunities to connect young people to the world of work. 

In response to the report’s findings, the CIPD is calling for increased government funding for careers advice, for schools and colleges to give equal focus to vocational and academic routes and employers to collaborate with local schools and colleges. 

Preparing young people for the world of work so they can build fulfilling careers doesn’t fall on the shoulders of one stakeholder, and we all need to work together to help them develop the skills they and employers need. 

Download the Youth employment in the UK 2021 report and support the CIPD’s One Million Chances campaign. 


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