TJ Newsflash: 25 October

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Written by Debbie Carter on 25 October 2021 in News

Ahead of COP26, which kicks off in Glasgow next week, we bring stories that emphasise why climate has to be top of everyone's agenda today, and probably forever...

This week there is an unashamed bias towards stories on climate change ahead of COP26, arguably the most important meeting of world leaders ever held in peace time.

Perseverance Rover Spots Evidence For Catastrophic Climate Change In Mars' Distant Past – Forbes 

These countries could be the villains of COP26 – Wired 

Climate change: The environmental disasters we've almost fixed – BBC News 

Cop26: ‘World conflict and chaos’ could be the result of a summit failure – The Guardian

Cities are at the Forefront of Climate Change – New Security Beat, part of the Wilson Centre



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