TJ Newsflash: 21 September

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Written by Debbie Carter on 21 September 2022 in News

A look at the best stories, research and news in HR, talent, learning and organisational development as selected by the TJ editorial team.

Nine in ten organisations to increase investment in coaching – CoachingHub

New research released today on the state of the coaching and L&D industries concludes that coaching is one of the top three L&D investments, with respondents stating that coaching supports professional development, increasing performance, and learning new skills. As well as an increase in coaching spend there is an openness to the application of new technologies within people development, with almost two thirds (61%) of respondents stating that they believe in the potential of virtual reality in the sector

The State of Learning in the Flow of Work – 360 Learning 

The research found training methods that fall under learning in the flow of work were the most effective at boosting job skills. More than 61% of respondents said that learning from peers is the best way to learn a job, closely followed by coaching and mentoring (59%), and instructor-led, on-the-job training (53%). However, these methods are among the least commonly used by businesses across the UK and practiced in fewer than half of all businesses surveyed.  

It’s Time To Get To Grips with Employee Data – Aon

Employee health data is crucial for people leaders; it’s a goldmine of insight that can help you build resilience into your workforce. But in a world where cyber crime is on the rise, how can you ensure that data is secure and meaningful? Discover how people leaders can protect employee privacy while unlocking wellbeing-boosting insights.

New research reveals stress in the IT sector – spacelift

New research from spacelift has investigated anxiety levels in IT and non-IT professionals to understand more about stress in the industry with close attention to DevOps arguably one of the most stressful areas in the IT world. It reveals IT professionals are significantly less stressed than the general population; 34% of them feel constantly or frequently stressed by their work, and this is 20% points less than the non-IT sector. Among the IT professional surveyed all quoted heavy workloads as their major issue.

Re-industrialisation at risk from global education gap in automation – ABB 

ABB’s 2022 survey of US and European business leaders has revealed that most of these businesses view automation as the enabler of future growth, with 75% of European and 62% US of businesses surveyed planning to invest in robotics and automation in the next three years. The survey however found a significant gap in the education and training needed to ensure the skills necessary for work in the increasingly connected and automated workplaces of the future. Of the global education professionals surveyed, 80% believe robotics and automation will shape the future of employment in the next ten years, while only one in four education institutions currently use robots as part of their teaching programmes.



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