It’s time to talk about mental health

Written by Steve Bilton on 16 March 2018 in Features

Steve Bilton needs to talk about mental health.

The brain science of sexual harassment prevention training

Written by Todd Maddox on 16 March 2018 in Features

Todd Maddox says training can help prevent further harassment at work - but it has to be the right kind of training. 

Nine common mistakes leaders make about creativity and innovation

Written by Paul Sloane on 15 March 2018 in Features

Paul Sloane busts a few innovation myths. 

The chef shortage: A solvable crisis?

Written by Martin-Christian Kent on 14 March 2018 in Opinion

Martin-Christian Kent looks at the problems in catering.

Consider your word choices to make your words stick

Written by Eddie Darroch on 14 March 2018 in Opinion

Every word counts when you're training, says Eddie Darroch.

12 tips for working virtually in a multicultural team

Written by Terry Brake on 13 March 2018 in Features

Terry Brake gives us tips for successful virtual meetings across cultures.

Neuroscience and the learning brain: Is there a better way?

Written by Jon Kennard on 12 March 2018 in Opinion

Lauren Waldman delves into neuroscience and learning, ahead of our latest #TJwow discussion webinar.

Three essentials for changing traditional leadership

Written by Kritika Pandey on 12 March 2018 in Features

Kritika Pandey takes aim at leadership and culture change.

The Apprenticeship Levy: Success or failure?

Written by Gareth Jones on 9 March 2018 in Opinion

Gareth Jones sees a positive future for the Apprenticeship Levy.

Why apprenticeships are about developing future leaders – and not about making tea!

Written by Eileen Girling on 9 March 2018 in Opinion

Eileen Girling gives TJ a personal view on National Apprenticeship Week.

Dear firms, mentoring millennials is key to degree apprenticeship success

Written by Dan Blackman on 9 March 2018 in Features

Dan Blackman sees mentoring getting results with apprentices in his business. 

TJ Newsflash: 8 March

Written by Jon Kennard on 8 March 2018 in News

This week we focus mostly on apprenticeships - but we end with an interesting question: Does handwriting still matter?

National Apprenticeship Week: Tips on landing a cool apprenticeship

Written by Jon Kennard on 7 March 2018 in Video

Laura Mason from Arch Apprentices gives us some great advice for National Apprenticeship Week 2018.

Learning to be the brand

Written by Matt Hampshire on 7 March 2018 in Features

Matt Hampshire argues the case for a more creative approach to training.

Apprenticeship Update 2018

Written by Jon Kennard on 6 March 2018 in Magazine

An up-to-date look at The Apprenticeship Levy and the skills agenda in 2018.

Magazine excerpt: The defining factor

Written by Stephen Fortune on 6 March 2018 in Features

Stephen Fortune offers insight into what makes for a successful virtual workforce.

Can sales training programmes really deliver on business objectives?

Written by Samantha Caine on 6 March 2018 in Features

Samanatha Caine has sales training advice for  the TJ community.

March 2018

Written by Jon Kennard on 5 March 2018 in Magazine

Learning technology innovator Steve Wheeler talks about his L&D career.

The coaching model library: FUEL

Written by Tim Hawkes on 5 March 2018 in Features

Tim Hakes gives us an update to the FUEL model.

Magazine excerpt: What will be hot in L&D in 2018?

Written by Don Taylor on 5 March 2018 in Features

Is 2018 the year L&D finally gets serious about the business, asks Donald H Taylor.