Ageism in the workplace cuts both ways

Written by Dan Gates on 22 October 2019 in Opinion

Companies must focus on creating a more inclusive workforce that makes the most of every age group, says Dan Gates.

Time management myths – busted

Written by Karen Meager and John McLachlan on 21 October 2019 in Features

Stop trying to come up with ways to do things quicker, and start working on ways to improve your efficiency, say Karen Meager and John McLachlan.

All work and no wellbeing?

Written by Chris Pinner on 18 October 2019 in Features

How can employers boost physical and mental health in the workplace? Chris Pinner considers the costs of poor wellbeing at work and how to address it.

How L&D can take the dread out of digital transformation

Written by Kerry Pascall on 18 October 2019 in Features

AI is seen by many workers as a threat to job security, creating a culture of fear and unease. That's where L&D comes in. Kerry Pascall reveals how you can be the voice of reassurance for your people.

TJ Newsflash: 17 October

Written by Marilyn Wright on 17 October 2019 in News

This week's newsflash covers emotional competence, tricky conversations, tips for leaders and screen time for kids. What more could you want?

Project managers can survive and thrive in the 4IR

Written by Debbie Dore on 16 October 2019 in Features

The fourth industrial revolution is shaking up project management. Debbie Dore reveals the skills you’ll need to navigate the new digital age.

Fear in the workplace

Written by Simon Ashton on 15 October 2019 in Features

Stressed staff are unhappy and unprofitable. Simon Ashton shows how reducing employee anxiety can increase productivity

How to create the perfect learner experience

Written by Libby Webb on 14 October 2019 in Opinion

Libby Webb offers the key elements needed to create a truly great learner experience.

Competency-based assessments: Benefits and types that you must know

Written by Liliana Chitnis on 11 October 2019 in Features

How do you know which type of assessment to go for? Liliana Chitnis takes us thrrough a few of the most popular. 

TJ Newsflash: 10 October

Written by Jon Kennard on 10 October 2019 in News

We angle towards mental health stories for this week's newsflash; today is World Mental Health Day.

Top tactics for keeping your managerial talent happy

Written by Kedge Martin on 10 October 2019 in Features

Here's how to keep your top talent happy, according to Kedge Martin.

Learning platforms are evolving - is your strategy keeping up?

Written by Tiffany Harper on 9 October 2019 in Features

LXPs, LMSs, it's all too much. Tiffany Harper says we have to move with the times though.

How to attract female talent into the workforce

Written by Debbie Lentz on 9 October 2019 in Features

Debbie Lentz shares her thoughts on how businesses can encourage more females into the workforce.

How to drive ROI with cloud-based training

Written by Zvi Guterman on 8 October 2019 in Features

Zvi Guterman extols the virtues of training in the cloud.

Why the menopause should no longer be a taboo subject in the workplace

Written by Dr Louise Newson on 8 October 2019 in Opinion

In advance of World Menopause Day (18 Oct), Dr Louise Newson tells TJ why we need to talk about it more.

How to maintain organisational balance

Written by Ed Gillcrist on 7 October 2019 in Features

Ed Gillcrist tells TJ why organisational balance is so important.

From TJ Magazine: How do we avoid burnout in the workplace?

Written by Gemma Leigh Roberts on 7 October 2019 in Features

Why is burnout on the rise and what can we do to curb it? Organisational and performance psychologist Gemma Leigh Roberts believes ergomania is the problem.

Trailblazing sports journalist Jacqui Oatley to host the TJ Awards 2019

Written by Jon Kennard on 4 October 2019 in News

The TJ Awards 2019 are delighted to introduce Jacqui Oatley as the host for the Gala Dinner on 3 December when the gold, silver and bronze winners are revealed.

From TJ Magazine: Coaching begins at hello

Written by Erik De Haan on 4 October 2019 in Features

The opening moments of a coaching session offer a treasure trove of impressions and information, says Professor Erik de Haan.

Psychology’s role in the workplace

Written by Jackie Carillo on 4 October 2019 in Features

Don't underestimate the power of psychology in the workplace, says Jackie Carillo.