Act quickly to tackle the talent exodus

Written by Jamie Kohn on 28 October 2021 in Features

With the rise of perks at work how can organisations stand out from others in the fight to retain and attract the best people? Jamie Kohn offers her advice

7 ways to refresh 360

Written by Elva Ainsworth on 27 October 2021 in Features

360 feedback is it out of fashion or is it just time for a rebrand? Asks Elva Ainsworth

Innovative training strategies that work

Written by Ramesh Ramani on 26 October 2021 in Features

Ramesh Ramani on how watch party learning, extensible apps, and AI-driven training are reshaping training in the hybrid environment

What should leaders read in Black History Month?

Written by Yetunde Hofman on 25 October 2021 in Opinion

Yetunde Hofman suggests the top 10 books every leader should read 

TJ Newsflash: 25 October

Written by Debbie Carter on 25 October 2021 in News

Ahead of COP26, which kicks off in Glasgow next week, we bring stories that emphasise why climate has to be top of everyone's agenda today, and probably forever...

How to deal with passive-aggressive behaviour

Written by Salman Raza on 22 October 2021 in Features

Salman Raza explores passive-aggressive behaviour and provides ideas on how to deal with it in others and ourselves!

Building sustainable systems

Written by Matt Spry on 21 October 2021 in Features

Practical change requires more than just a sticking plaster says Matt Spry

Managing a creative team

Written by Alistair Pearce on 19 October 2021 in Opinion

In another exploration of working with creatives Alistair Pearce looks at what managers need to do to support their creative people

Healthy people = healthy profits

Written by Gemma Hart on 18 October 2021 in Features

Gemma Hart shares the benefits of prioritising employee wellness over company profits.

Why wellbeing strategies fail

Written by Amy King on 16 October 2021 in Opinion

Amy King on why wellbeing initiatives fail and her personal call to action for all organisations and their leaders

Searching for solutions

Written by Matt Spry on 15 October 2021 in Features

Matt Spry looks at why the critical answers you need lie outside of your organisation

Improving mental health literacy

Written by Dr Lucy Shoolbred on 14 October 2021 in Features

Dr Lucy Shoolbred explores recent employer guidance on mental health and how organisations can ensure optimum levels of wellbeing – both general and mental in the workplace

TJ interviews: Accenture’s Amy Kates

Written by Debbie Carter on 14 October 2021 in Interviews

Organisational design expert Amy Kates talks to TJ about her work, with particular reference to the challenges organisations face in the post-pandemic environment

The compassionate leader

Written by Joanna Howes on 13 October 2021 in Opinion

Showing your soft side in the workplace doesn't make you weak, says Joanna Howes it makes you a great intuitive team leader

Grow your own talent

Written by Graham Fisher on 13 October 2021 in Features

A change of climate in the post-furlough jobs market requires businesses to look within to get the talent required says Graham Fisher

Technology’s impact on the logistics sector

Written by Richard Bird on 11 October 2021 in Features

As the UK struggles with a lack of skilled drivers to deliver vital goods, Richard Bird provides encouraging news of how technology is transforming the logistics sector in 2021 and beyond

TJ interviews: Bukola Adisa from Career Masterclass

Written by Debbie Carter on 8 October 2021 in Interviews

Bukola Adisa talks to TJ about the importance of training in diversity and inclusion to ensure a level playing field in opportunities for minority ethnic groups

How to avoid falling back into the ‘old normal’

Written by Martin Boronson and Carmel Moore on 8 October 2021 in Features

Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore explore the concept of time and its impact on how we work in our 24/7 world 

Working with 'Playful' creatives

Written by Alistair Pearce on 6 October 2021 in Opinion

Alastair Pearce continues his series on creatives and introduces' Playful, that colleague whose childlike attributes disguise a genuine innovator

Understanding mental health issues

Written by Caroline Moore on 5 October 2021 in Features

As people start returning to work after the pandemic, Caroline Moore examines the problems that mental health might cause and offers advice on how best to help those showing signs of strain