AELP: Reforms will not get more employers engaged in apprenticeships

Recent research showed that only 33 percent of large employers want an employer direct payment model

Learning professionals called to pass on expertise and experience

By signing up to the Valuing Your Talent Challenge, HR and L&D professionals will join professionals from the finance and risk management disciplines, as well as broader management, in developing and refining a human capital framework for measuring the full extent of the value created and risk generated by the nature and composition of their workforces and organisational structures.

We need a role model revolution, CMI chief executive claims

The study by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) showed that Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson topped the list of inspirational figures in the public eye. The list also features Steve Jobs, John Harvey-Jones and Tony Blair. Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa were the only women named within the top 10 role models.

Ten lessons from the great 21st century recession

Stephen Archer looks at the lessons businesses can learn from the recent recession

'Trailblazer' salons to shape the future of apprenticeships

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced its second wave of trailblazer employers who will work to develop and test new models for more employer-based and employer-led standards for apprenticeships

Forum wins top sales training award for fourth year running continually monitors the training marketplace for the best providers of training services and technologies

Aspire: Female management looking to leave their jobs

78 per cent of corporate women dream of starting their own business 

Spaced-out learning

Howard Kiewe talks to Harvard’s B Price Kerfoot about how revisiting learning over time can make it more sustainable

Five ways storytelling can empower your business

There are five key areas where storytelling can work well to enhance the success of your business communications, Claire Taylor says

Open for entries

Debbie Carter provides an update on the TJ Awards 2014

The state of training

Richard Griffin examines the UKCES’s employer skills survey, published last month

Treading the boards

Alisdair Chisholm shines a light on the antics of delegates after dark

March 2014

Welcome to this edition of TJ – I hope you will find something practical and useful to take from it.

Unlocking potential of digital technology in learning is crucial, study finds

The report recommends a number of key areas to facilitate better use of technology for teaching and learning

Joint venture to help develop best practice in learning

Participation will be recognised as continuous professional development

CBI welcomes skills opportunities for NEETS

Sixteen-year-olds will be able to use a "one stop shop" website to help them plan their next move

Employers have key role in helping to bridge skill gap, research reveals

New guide on Managing Future Talent published as youth unemployment falls

Getting on with the boss

Poor communication is often the cause of most of the problems and misunderstandings at work, Marielena Sabatier says

Poor utilisation of skills undermining UK productivity, study finds

Businesses encouraged to take the high road of innovation, efficiency and higher skills

Things to consider when outsourcing your training

Outsourcing training can be a fantastic way of saving money as well as increasing quality but only if done correctly. Therefore, we have created a list of four things you should consider as a handy guide to ensure your outsourcing strategy is a success!

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