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Written by Jon Kennard on 5 October 2020 in Features

We give our front page over to Kaplan for the week to tell us all about KPA. 

Kaplan Performance Academy provides the learning experiences, the technology, and the expertise to enhance professional performance in the workplace - at scale and at pace. It offers a suite of learning tailored to the individual’s needs, including practical on-the-job assignments, one-on-one access to a coach, and powerful self-assessment tools.

Learning, coaching and assessment in one digital platform

My Learning

If ever there was a time to use learning as a tool to restore the confidence in your people, it is now. My Learning provides a library of digital content that is accessible, relevant, and tailored to the individual needs of your learners.

My Coach

Kaplan Performance Academy’s My Coach element delivers online coaching in such a way that it is scalable, affordable, and accessible to every individual and to your entire organisation. Our democratised coaching approach is built on a model that reinforces and prioritises YOUR values - ensuring diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

My Results

Your strategic assessment toolkit to align learning to business objectives, prioritise your L&D spend, and evaluate the business impact of your training investment. Use assessments and diagnostics to measure the skills and knowledge your business needs now.

Bringing together Kaplan’s global resources to drive performance and development in the workplace. From new hires to senior leaders, we provide role-relevant and career-enhancing learning and coaching. Whether you are developing a new learning program or adding to an existing program, it’s essential that the development strategy of your people supports your organisational goals.

The Kaplan Performance Academy is available on any device, offering learning resources to busy professionals when and where they need it.

It combines and choreographs the key elements in effective professional development - self-assessment, the opportunity to learn, the experimentation and application of that learning, and, crucially, the reflective practice necessary to bring about sustained, behavioural change.

Kaplan Performance Academy For Your Business from Kaplan Professional on Vimeo.





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