TJ Newsflash: 16 March

Written by Debbie Carter on 16 March 2022 in News

This week’s round up of the best interviews, stories and research from TJ’s editor

TJ interviews: IHG’s Stefan Nemecek

Written by Conor Gilligan on 16 March 2022 in Interviews

Degreed’s Conor Gilligan talks to IHG’s manager of global leadership development, Stefan Nemecek on his career in hospitality and how the Great Opportunity is accelerating the development of leaders

Working in prolonged crisis

Written by Luke Smith on 14 March 2022 in Features

Two years from the start of the pandemic Luke Smith examines the consequences of Covid and its impact on mental health and productivity

Creating equality in caring roles

Written by Charlotte Woodworth on 11 March 2022 in Features

Charlotte Woodworth on how employers can show they care 

#TJ Talks: Noorie Sazen on the changing world, the skills crisis and AI-enabled coaching

Written by itops itops on 10 March 2022 in Video

Viewers can access Saffron’s exclusive eBook for more insight into AI-enabled coaching and how it offers a scalable solution to skills development here

A hero born from comedy

Written by Stephanie Davies on 9 March 2022 in Opinion

This month Stephanie Davies explores the horror of stand-up and how a modern hero can rise from comedy to lead a nation at war 

TJ Newsflash: 9 March

Written by Debbie Carter on 9 March 2022 in News

A look at the latest news and research from the TJ team

The importance of self-care

Written by Joan van den Brink on 8 March 2022 in Features

Joan van den Brink on how to take care of you, when your job is to take care of others

Coping with long Covid

Written by Kerry Dulac on 7 March 2022 in Features

What can employers do to support employees with long Covid? Kerry Dulac provides some advice

Neurodiversity: How can we do better?

Written by D on 4 March 2022 in Interviews

TJ talks to three experts about neurodiversity: how it affects people and why leaders should embrace it

TJ Newsflash: 2 March

Written by Debbie Carter on 2 March 2022 in News

This week’s pick of the top stories, research, and inspiration from across the globe

4 actions to raise L&D’s profile

Written by Doug Marshall on 2 March 2022 in Opinion

Doug Marshall on how marketing techniques can make a difference to L&D teams

The power of microlearning

Written by Stuart Affleck on 1 March 2022 in Features

During the pandemic there has been some stagnation in L&D practice, here Stuart Affleck argues that microlearning may be the answer

10 reasons to use eAssessment

Written by Linda Steedman on 28 February 2022 in Features

Linda Steedman on the attraction of online assessment 

Soft skills: unlock your team’s success

Written by Luke Smith on 25 February 2022 in Features

Soft skills are vital to successful teams but why, asks Luke Smith, are they so often overlooked?

Shining a broad lens on diversity

Written by Alice MacDonald on 24 February 2022 in Features

Alice MacDonald explores why diverse representation isn’t the end goal you think it is

Authentic leadership in the current climate

Written by Steve Macaulay & Sarah Cook on 23 February 2022 in Features

What are the implications for future leadership and leadership development within organisations and what role do L&D and HR play in supporting leaders? Sarah Cook and Steve Macaulay provide some answers

TJ Newsflash: 23 February

Written by Debbie Carter on 23 February 2022 in News

What’s news? A special collection of the best business and learning news from the TJ editorial team

The rear-view mirror to future success

Written by Bob Little on 22 February 2022 in Opinion

Experienced in the field of learning technology, Bob Little looks back at the advances in digitally delivered learning solutions 

Beating financial stress

Written by Wendy Muirhead on 21 February 2022 in Opinion

Wendy Muirhead on how on-demand pay can boost employee financial wellness