Go Beyond: Ten key messages - a book excerpt

Written by Neville Pritchard and Richard Scott on 31 July 2018 in Features

Neville Pritchard and Richard Scott give us a taste of their new book, Go Beyond, about workplace productivity.

Go beyond HR and be what you are:

  • Ensure no unintended consequences:
    • Human Resources has reputational issues - where does it really stand in your organisation?
    • What is it referred to as?
  • Language matters - reflect what you are for just as marketing, sales and finance do!
  • Frameworks need to ensure and enable people contribution
  • You are part of the business/organisation

Go beyond your department and start with the rest of the business:

  • Alignment is key
  • Go beyond the 'HR' agenda
  • Your organisation is uniquely yours and you are part of it
  • Go beyond being just as expected in your own leadership: Align, Integrate, Manage, Impact

Go beyond analytics and explore the story in all aspects of people support:

  • Go beyond the metrics of ‘Personnel’
  • What is happening?
  • The ‘question’ comes first
  • So what?
  • Find the why, what, who, when, where and how – in that order!
  • Provide insight
  • Smash silos
  • Who are the data champions?
  • Enable predictive analytics
  • What matters?
    • What behaviours will drive optimal results (going beyond the gross intent score)!

Go beyond engagement and value your people:

  • Motivation:
    • AMP
    • Positive wiring
    • To whose benefit?
    • Contribution awareness
    • Recognition
  • Two-way Checks
  • What are your 'Management Balance Sheets'?
  • Detachment is beyond non-engagement
  • Communicating is 'never too much' :
    • Why the secret?
  • Resilience and Change Readiness is a consequence
  • Wellness:
    • This is essential not desirable
    • Go beyond simply providing gimmicks and apps
    • Explore mindsets
    • Go beyond physical to include brain fitness and mental well-being
    • Reduce stress

Go beyond process to enable flow:

  • Be clear on where everyone adds value
  • Explore where they could add further value
  • Put people back into the lean processes
  • Ensure the right people are in the right seats facing the right way and doing the right things

Go beyond performance management to enablement:

  • Go beyond performance management
  • What do you need?
  • Explore your 'Intended Impact Grids'
  • Ensure clarity of responsibility
  • Enable performance - achieve results
  • Energise your workplace

Go beyond training and learning to achieve impact:

  • Encourage Personal Responsibility
  • Clarify 'Support and Guidance' Responsibility
  • Personal blend and opportunity provision:
    • Go beyond single strategies, provide solutions and embrace difference
  • Learning needs risk:
    • 'Relevance, Interest, Skill, Knowlege'
  • Motivation to learn and perform matters
  • Allow the 'Learning to Performance Flow':
    • Go beyond Transfer
  • Functional Mastery:
    • Ensure your own development and credibility; be your performance and learning consultant/expert
  • Go beyond Talent Management to enable optimal growth:
    • What have you got?
    • What happened after Day 1?
    • Do you have what you need now?
    • Is everyone in the right seat, doing the right things in the right way?
    • What will you need?
    • How are you developing talent in a collaborative and co-ordinated way?
    • Go beyond the subjective
  • Maintain context

Go beyond recruitment and build your corporate team:

  • Make it matter
  • Go beyond ticking boxes
  • Be clear on your culture, your values and who will fit
  • Get who fits and who will 'add value'
  • Be brave

Go beyond jargon and communicate with conviction:

  • Talk the right talk
  • Be clear on 'difference'
  • Embrace difference
  • Be thorough
  • Repeat and enhance

Finally - simply, Go Beyond and do what you need to do in all aspects of People Support:

  • By going beyond:
    • Fads
    • Tradition and 'Common' practice; be innovative and apply action to your unique organisation with and for your people
    • Compliance; create Impact and Flow from Insight
    • 'Solutioneering'; the practice of deciding the answer and seeking the question later
    • Manager led assumptions; be who you are for who you are by applying expertise to rapid, appropriate, and deep insight
    • Valued to be Valuable; add Value as individuals, teams, departments, and be experts:
    • Standard reporting; measure what matters, analyse and report the story
    • Ticking boxes; align, integrate, manage, be credible, be efficient and commercial, be effective and create impact, be conscious of the possible
    • Common practice and impatience:
  • Enable impact on performance to evolve within a supportive culture


About the authors

Neville Pritchard and Richard Scott are authors of Go Beyond, a new book about workplace productivity.



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