What links team event success and emotional contagion?

Written by Sue Blight on 28 November 2019 in Features

Sue Blight reveals how to inject a can-do atmosphere into team events.

Future-proofing skills through agile learning programmes

Written by Elliot Gowans on 27 November 2019 in Features

Elliot Gowans looks at the importance of social learning in L&D.

How to think on your feet and improvise at work

Written by Simon Delaney on 26 November 2019 in Features

Simon Delaney helps you master the art of improvisation at work and communicate with clarity and gravitas.

Software for modern associations

Written by Amber Bovenmyer on 25 November 2019 in Features

Amber Bovenmyer offers six strategies to consider.

How can HR maximise employee productivity?

Written by Rita Trehan on 22 November 2019 in Features

Rita Trehan has six effective strategies to help HR give productivity a boost

Good connection: Using social technology to motivate and engage

Written by Clare Moore on 22 November 2019 in Opinion

Putting a ‘virtual arm’ around remote working employees can help boost performance, says Clare Moore

The TJ Podcast: November 2019

Written by Jon Kennard on 21 November 2019 in Features

Jon and Kate talk politics, Jo joins to discuss the magazine and our Skill Pill webinar, before Tribepad's Dean Sadler drops in to talk recruitment.

TJ Newsflash: 21 November

Written by Jon Kennard on 21 November 2019 in News

How much music do you listen to daily? It had better be at least 77 minutes worth... 

Language learning: the corporate benefit you need

Written by Jayna Mistry on 21 November 2019 in Features

Five reasons why learning a language should be an integral part of company strategy.

Can technology provide the answer to quickly onboard temporary workers this festive season?

Written by Dr Cristian Grossmann on 20 November 2019 in Opinion

Dr Cristian Grossmann looks at how tech can help manage temps.

How to avoid triggers in the workplace

Written by Simon Ashton on 20 November 2019 in Features

The trick is to develop emotional self-awareness, says Simon Ashton.

L&D trends in 2020

Written by Tiffany Harper on 19 November 2019 in Features

2020 will be the year learning and development shifts up a gear, says Tiffany Harper.

From contractors to boutiques

Written by Saul Carliner and Margaret Driscoll on 19 November 2019 in Features

Saul Carliner and Margaret Driscoll on the many types of external training providers.

Turning the supertanker: How large companies can innovate pt 2

Written by Rob Hubbard on 18 November 2019 in Features

Concluding his third article in the series, Rob Hubbard looks at innovation in larger companies.

TJ interviews: Sidetrade’s Luke Hennerley

Written by Luke Hennerley on 18 November 2019 in Interviews

We talk all things AI with Luke Hennerley.

Culture is as culture does

Written by Dennis Budinich on 15 November 2019 in Features

Dennis Budinich on how to shift company culture by accessing new ways to educate employees.

The UK’s job hopping habits

Written by Iwona Polog on 15 November 2019 in Features

Iwona Polog reveals the reasons driving people to leave their jobs.

TJ interviews: Avenica's Scott Dettman

Written by Scott Dettman on 14 November 2019 in Interviews

Scott Dettman on how candidates and employers can make the most of entry-level working.

TJ Newsflash: 14 November

Written by Jon Kennard on 14 November 2019 in News

Curated for you - the stories that caught our eye this week.

From TJ Magazine: Art of discovery

Written by Nick Wright on 13 November 2019 in Features

Nick Wright shares ideas from the TESOL world that can be applied to learning and development.