Magazine excerpt: What will be hot in L&D in 2018?

Written by Don Taylor on 5 March 2018 in Features

Is 2018 the year L&D finally gets serious about the business, asks Donald H Taylor.

Seven tips for effective employee performance evaluation

Written by Laura Greene on 2 March 2018 in Features

Laura Greene continues the debate around feedback.

The coaching model library: TGROW

Written by Tim Hawkes on 1 March 2018 in Features

Tim Hawkes takes us through a twist on the GROW model. 

GDPR: Myths and misconceptions

Written by Dave Evans on 28 February 2018 in Features

Dave Evans gives us the do's and don'ts of the incoming legislation.

Reluctant leaders: Thomas Beckett

Written by Paul Russell on 27 February 2018 in Features

Paul Russell takes a look back to Medieval times for the latest reluctant leader.

The future of learning needs to get personal

Written by Vivek Dodd on 26 February 2018 in Opinion

Vivek Dodd reckons data can give learning that personal touch.

The TJ Podcast: February 2018

Written by Jon Kennard on 23 February 2018 in Features

Jo and Jon address remote working and workplace wellness, Todd Maddox talks VR, AR and neuroscience, and in a diversion from the norm they put an aspect of HR on trial: appraisals.

Minimising the sting: Setting the tone for sharing feedback

Written by Juan Cortés on 23 February 2018 in Features

Juan Cortés has three simple rules for effective feedback.

TJ Newsflash: 22 February

Written by Jon Kennard on 22 February 2018 in News

This week we go tech-heavy. Babelfish earbuds? Smart cities? Read on...

How do we transform workplace standards?

Written by Ed Lamont on 22 February 2018 in Opinion

When it comes to the workplace, Ed Lamont thinks we can do better.

11 tips for delivering global leadership training on a shoestring budget

Written by Samantha Caine on 21 February 2018 in Features

Samantha Caine has some advice for companies centralising their leadership training.

People hold the key to satisfying customers in a multi-channel world

Written by Simon Thatcher on 21 February 2018 in Opinion

Simon Thatcher says training plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction.

GDPR: A primer from the GDPR Advisory Board

Written by Nick Richards on 20 February 2018 in Features

Nick Richards of the GDPR Advisory Board give us a few essentials about the upcoming legislation.

Seven ways you can empower your employees and improve morale

Written by Mike Edwards on 20 February 2018 in Features

Mike Edwards gives us some tips on how to empower your employees and improve morale.

Magazine excerpt: Virtual reality - enhancing learning outcomes

Written by Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, April Kour, Helena Calle and Alexandra Whittington on 19 February 2018 in Features

Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury and Helena Calle on virtual reality’s impact on work and learning.

The danger of performance ratings pt2

Written by Julie Lock on 19 February 2018 in Opinion

Julie Lock concludes her piece about the flaws in traditional performance ratings. 

What's wrong with team communication?

Written by Laura Bouttell on 16 February 2018 in Opinion

Laura Bouttell disentangles the communication lines.

Elearning: Minefield or goldmine?

Written by Juliam Roche on 16 February 2018 in Opinion

Julian Roche asks businesses to consider millennials when it comes to LMSs.

The apprenticeship levy: Better guidance can unlock its business potential

Written by Fay Gibbin on 14 February 2018 in Opinion

Fay Gibbin says don't give up on the apprenticeship levy - we just need to understand its benefits better.

The coaching model library: STEPPPA

Written by Steve Thomson on 14 February 2018 in Features

Steve Thomson explains the STEPPA coaching model.