Engaging managers: the key to success in flexible working

Written by Theresa Mayne on 14 September 2022 in Features

Theresa Mayne looks at the importance of managers in hybrid and remote working

TJ interviews abrdn’s Peter Yarrow

Written by Conor Gilligan on 13 September 2022 in Interviews

Degreed’s Conor Gilligan talks to abrdn’s global head of learning, Peter Yarrow. They discuss Yarrow's belief in his colleagues and his careful approach to the latest trends in technology. Yarrow also explores capability academies and how they have proved successful for abrdn. 

L&D’s challenges in the hybrid workspace

Written by Wendy Edie on 7 September 2022 in Features

There are problems for learning and development in the post-pandemic, increasingly green world of work as Wendy Edie explores

Leading teams to embrace courage at work

Written by Sue Stockdale on 7 September 2022 in Opinion

Leaders who show vulnerability in turn nurture courage in their teams, says Sue Stockdale, and that prepares them for the unknown

Improvisation – a key skill for the 21st century leader

Written by Theodore Klein on 6 September 2022 in Features

Theodore Klein looks at innovative techniques to improve management capabilities

Supporting non-native speakers

Written by Mursal Hedayat on 5 September 2022 in Opinion

Mursal Hedayat explores how to support employees who speak English as a second language 

TJ Newsflash: 2 September

Written by Debbie Carter on 2 September 2022 in News

Here’s this week’s look at research, resources and news for all those working in the field of learning, talent and skills as selected by TJ’s editorial team

Healthy conversation about mental health

Written by Lou Campbell on 1 September 2022 in Opinion

Psychological Safety around mental health is more than just words – it requires thought, and boundaries says Lou Campbell

7 ways to become a digital-first organisation

Written by Bernard Marr on 31 August 2022 in Features

Bernard Marr explores digital transformation, and offers tips to leaders who want their teams to embrace change

Emotional Intelligence: delivering success in a VUCA world

Written by Dr Lynda Folan on 30 August 2022 in Features

Lynda Folan explains why leaders should be using emotional intelligence to help their teams to be more persuasive

Adapting for multi-generational teams

Written by Steve Butler on 25 August 2022 in Features

How to manage an age diverse workforce is critical today and into the future. Steve Butler shows us how to understand the multi-generational workplace


TJ Newsflash: 24 August

Written by Debbie Carter on 23 August 2022 in News

The latest news for HR, talent, and learning and organisational development leaders selected by the TJ editorial team

The Green Agenda is everyone’s responsibility

Written by Antoine Poincaré on 22 August 2022 in Features

A commitment to ‘green’ training now, says Antoine Poincaré is the only way companies can hope to meet their carbon reduction targets

Rise of the machines

Written by Alan Hiddleston on 19 August 2022 in Features

Automation and AI are changing workplaces and Alan Hiddleston says that L&D need to re-think their approach to learning to reduce the impact on jobs

Understanding gender identity

Written by Joanne Lockwood on 18 August 2022 in Features

Joanne Lockwood (she/her) on why we need more training around gender identity and sexual orientation

How to upskill using peer mentoring

Written by Amrit Sandhar on 16 August 2022 in Features

The benefits of peer mentoring are many says by Amrit Sandhar, and upskilling is one we can’t afford to ignore right now

The orchestrator – a new role for L&D

Written by Sharon Olivier on 15 August 2022 in Features

Sharon Olivier reveals new research that shows the L&D practitioner moving away from being the expert, to the orchestrator of learning

The pros and cons of psychometric testing

Written by Nathan Thompson on 12 August 2022 in Features

The value of psychometric tests are often questioned but here Nathan Thompson argues they have their place in our bid to secure and develop the best talent

The TJ Podcast: August 2022

Written by Debbie Carter on 11 August 2022 in Podcast

TJ’s editor Debbie Carter talks to diversity and inclusion specialist and transgender woman, Joanne Lockwood 

TJ Newsflash: 11 August

Written by Debbie Carter on 11 August 2022 in News

Here’s the latest bulletin of specially selected news, views and research from the TJ editorial team.