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TJ gives learning and development the focus it needs. Our philosophy is to deliver informative, timely and practical content of the highest quality to assist anyone involved in workplace L&D. If your job is to nurture and grow skills and knowledge and to change attitudes to learning within your organisation, you should be a member.

TJ is committed to supporting your continuing professional development through in-depth features that analyse L&D principles in detail.

First published in 1965 as Training Officer, the magazine was acquired by Dods Group PLC in 2003 and was re-branded as TJ: the publication for learning and development in November 2005.


DECEMBER 2015 talent management (deadline 30th October 2015) 

JANUARY 2016 working in the VUCA world (deadline 15th November 2015)           

FEBRUARY 2016 the networked workplace (deadline 23rd December 2015)

MARCH 2016 diversity and inclusion (deadline 28th January 2016)

APRIL 2016 measuring impact (deadline 28th February 2016)

MAY 2015 leadership (deadline 30th March 2016)

JUNE 2016 change (deadline 30th April 2016)

JULY 2016 talent (deadline 30th May 2016)

AUGUST 2016 technology (deadline 30th June 2016)

SEPTEMBER 2016 communication (deadline 30th July 2016)

OCTOBER 2016 engagement (deadline 30th August 2016)

NOVEMBER 2016 sales and customer service (deadline 30th September 2016)

DECEMBER 2016 creativity and innovation (deadline 30th October 2016)

A guide for authors can be viewed here and to submit other ideas for TJ please send a short outline of your idea to the editor Debbie Carter at debbie.carter@trainingjournal.com

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