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TJ’s focus is learning and development and aims to provide the L&D practitioner with the knowledge, tools and inspiration they need to produce bottom line results for their organisations’ and engagement, motivation and success for their people.

Topics are explored through online blogs and short features and through longer more in-depth features that are published in the magazine each month.

Subjects, as detailed on the editorial calendar below, are explored by contributors in the monthly magazine through case studies of good practice, research findings and practical features exploring the topic and offering tools, tips and techniques.

As well as the topics shown in the editorial calendar features, case studies and opinions around perennial topics such as: change, culture, communication, technology, leadership, coaching, the skills agenda as well as any other topics that fulfils our central test as shown below.

Those considering submitting an article should run their ideas past editorial staff by submitting short outlines of their proposed contributions. The central test of a suggested article is this:

Will readers in the field of learning and organisational development find it an objective, well-informed piece that holds their interest and offers new information, helping them to develop their careers and realise their goals at work?

If you have a suggestion for an article, interview or any other type of editorial content on a subject or area not shown here please contact the editor-in-chief Debbie Carter at debbie.carter@trainingjournal.com or the editor Jon Kennard jonathan.kennard@trainingjournal.com with a short synopsis outline.