TJ interviews: Jane Cave about the government’s digital strategy

We talk to the IDM’s Jane Cave about the government’s recent digital strategy announcement.  

Why do we need a digital manifesto? The next generation is the most technologically literate we’ve ever had – is it about understanding how to channel that knowledge for positive business gain? 

The next generation may be the most technologically literate we’ve ever had access to, however they will still need in-depth industry and technical knowledge.

The recent announcement from DCMS on its digital strategy is a strong call to action and we look forward to helping the data-driven and creative industries to cultivate the skills they need to continue to be global leaders.

There’s a line from a blog post on the IDM site: ‘we live in an age of technology-inspired individualism’. Is it getting harder to collaborate because of this?

The complexity of digital marketing requires people from a wide range of disciplines to work in a seamlessly integrated team of channel specialists and marketing generalists.

In fact, in the recent Marketing Team Structures Report 2017, published in partnership with Technology for Marketing, we found over 81% of marketers have already moved beyond the much-discussed specialist silos around data and digital, to fully embed into marketing teams.

This fundamentally improves the ability for all departments to collaborate as cross-team skills sets are becoming increasingly compatible.

The digital manifesto is compelling in its mission to upskill the general population, both in business and otherwise: What outputs do you think we need to see? How will we measure whether the digital manifesto has been a success?

New technologies have completely revolutionised the way we live and work in recent years. The UK has become a pinnacle for digital innovation and has the opportunity to position itself at the forefront of the next phase of the digital revolution.

The only way to see this success come to fruition is through education and training, ensuring we have the digital skills we need both within and entering our industry.


About the author

Jane Cave is the MD of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.


You can read more about the government’s digital strategy here


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