Versal launches collaborative peer-to-peer eLearning platform for enterprises

Versal, an open publishing platform for creating interactive online courses, has launched a powerful and interactive course.

The e-learning platform authoring solution designed to foster collaborative training and accelerate employee-driven learning.
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Versal co-founder and CEO Gregor Freund said: “For many companies, improving their L&D efforts can be as simple as unlocking the knowledge that already exists within various teams. The Versal platform makes it easy to pool the company’s collective expertise and build a curriculum of interactive courses to facilitate knowledge-sharing across the organisation.”
Corporate leaders are changing the way they approach learning and development (L&D) within their organisations. They see the strategic value of a well-trained workforce and are investing heavily to build L&D platforms capable of harnessing the collective knowledge of employees. 
This systemic shift in corporate learning is delivering an engaged, educated workforce with happy, high-performing employees. The new Versal Business is designed to help companies foster a collaborative environment and eliminate information silos.
Beyond the powerful course creator which Versal is known for, the new Versal Business opens up content collaboration to the entire company through author and collaborator management features, plus groups to segment content by department.

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