Neuroscience making inroads in new learning tools

An expert in body clocks and neuroscience has partnered with behavioural experts to create a new approach to learning around the spacing of learning input

Dr Paul Kelley who specialised in circadian rhythm, or the working of our body clocks, has joined forces with behavioural experts Simon Strong and Adam Beard to develop his ideas around Spaced Learning™ to produce Download™ a learning methodology based on the importance of repetition and spacing in learning.

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The catalyst for the collaboration came from research undertaken by the University of Surrey Business School in May 2015 when it revealed that learners using this methodology acquired 20 per cent more knowledge than traditional learners, 23 per cent more than directed learners and 36 per cent more knowledge than independent learners.

In terms of knowledge application these learners were 13 per cent better at applying knowledge than traditional learners, 19 per cent better than directed learners and 25 per cent better than independent learners.

As a result, Kelley, Strong and Beard have launched Download Learning Ltd to provide their learning product to both the academic and commercial sectors. This is a good example of how academic research can be translated into a new commercial product.

In this case, one that has the potential to deliver substantive change to both the way businesses train and the effectiveness of that training.

TJ will be featuring an in-depth article about the development of the methodology and its application in the April edition

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