L&D managers are overwhelmed by their learning technology options

Recent research reveals that L&D managers are confused by the explosion of learning technology options available to them.

The 2016 Learning Insights report from City & Guilds Kineo reveals a fascinating set of insights and issues but the predominant theme was how many of the L&D managers interviewed were confused by the range and number of learning technology options available to them.

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As the opening summary explains: “It’s clear that many of the participants in our research are using a vast range of different approaches in their learning solutions, but all shared the view that there is a bewildering number of options out there for solving their training challenges.” 

For the 2015 report interviewers from City & Guilds Kineo explored the key challenges and trends affecting the industry over the last ten years and reveal what’s in store for the future.

Matt Johnson, City & Guilds Kineo’s managing director, said: “We can see from this year’s report that the sheer range of solutions on offer is bewildering to some L&D professionals. Learners’ demands have shifted along with tech changes – they’re looking for an experience that mirrors how they learn and find information in their everyday lives. Despite the changes in delivery, though, I believe that the underlying pedagogy remains the same. A great learning experience is still a great learning experience.”

Johnson’s confidence was echoed by the report’s findings that despite the flurry of new technological opportunities, L&D managers remain focused on learners’ needs.  They’re also excited about their new role as content curator – they now not only create new learning content but collect and present the very best materials available online.


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