Innovators launch interactive campaign to engage with leaders

Leading Learning & Development innovators Nice Media and TellUs have launched an interactive drama campaign to address an industry need to develop stubborn, “stuck in their ways” managers.

Research by the Brandon Hall Group in their State of Leadership Development Study found more than 36 per cent of organisations surveyed said that their leadership development practices were still below average or poor.

While 71 per cent stated that their senior management were not ready to lead their companies into the future. 

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Tom Hickmore, Creative Director Nice Media comments: “We have all been really excited to launch the interactive drama campaign to show L&D professionals just how powerful role playing can be in learning. We found that clients were telling us that leadership training can often be difficult with some managers and leaders stuck in their ways or reluctant to change.

“Using video in learning to put this group at the heart of the drama results in a memorable experience, which ultimately results in a learning outcome, and ultimately better leaders within companies.”

These industry statistics combined with feedback from clients that the hardest group of learners to reach were leaders, have led Nice Media and TellUs to launch their ‘Leadership Angel’ campaign, putting interactive drama at the heart of learning.

Paul Fardoe, Head of Production at TellUs comments, “Interactivity transforms the video, turning the viewer into an active participant in the unfolding drama. The engagement elevation helps cement the learning, providing a far more effective route to behaviour change.”

Combining drama with player interactivity is proving to be one of the most powerful learning experiences available with interactive video learning techniques showing on average 66 per cent more engagement, 44 per cent longer viewing time and 39 per cent minimum uplift in rich data gathering.

Not only does it tap into the audience emotion, but the combination of comedy and drama has been seen to significantly enhance engagement, turning the viewer into a player. This L&D technique has also been seen to be effective with other more complex learning groups such as “butterfly brain” Millennials.




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