Independent report identifies the world’s top learning management systems

An independent analysis of 690 of the world’s leading learning management and related systems (LMSs) has identified the top performing 50. 

The report published by E-Learning 24/7, is a key tool for LMS buyers and has been compiled by Craig Weiss, an internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, consultant and advisor .

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This year’s report includes a wide variety of LMSs including learning platforms, Courseware LMSs and a Learning Content Management System (LCMS). 

While at least 30 of the systems highlighted in the Report are based in the USA, the next most popular base is the UK with 13 systems based there. Also represented on the list are systems from companies in The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy.

Weiss who has been named as the most influential person in the corporate online learning technologies industry for the past two years, said the number of LMSs is still expanding

However, the top three maintain their position from 2015, with ExpertusOne returning to the top spot, with Growth Engineering falling back to ‘runner-up’ and eLogic Learning remaining at number three. There’s a growing trend towards today’s vendors offering a ‘buy now, go live now’ approach.”

He believes that the LMS features to watch in 2016 are content curation, coaching (or ask a mentor) and deep learning (otherwise known as predictive analysis and the early stage of the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to learning). Most LMSs are now including at least some components of each of these features. 

Other LMS-related features gaining ground this year are application program interfaces (APIs) and integrations, along with the increasing use of video as separate courses, with analytics that go beyond how many times these were viewed. Advances are also being made in capturing video on a mobile device and inputting it into the LMS.

“People who buy this Report are individuals who’re seeking information and insight to make an informed decision about LMSs. They’re willing to think outside the box and, in today’s online learning world, those who think outside of the box usually find the right system for themselves and their learners,” said Weiss. 

Copies of the Top 50 LMS 2016 Rankings Report are available to buy from E-Learning 24/7

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