CPL Online launches ‘Next Generation’ of e-learning courses

Leading provider of software solutions and e-learning, CPL Online has launched their range of ‘Next Generation’ e-learning courses built for mobile. 

The company has completely overhauled their e-learning courses, to not only provide users with a superior experience, but to also incorporate invaluable new features and benefits. These features will assist learners in successfully completing the courses, and can provide businesses with significant cost savings. 

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David Dasher, Managing Director of CPL Online said, “This is the next stage in our business development that further reinforces CPL Online’s position as the leading e-learning provider to the hospitality sector in the UK. The software developments we have incorporated in these ‘Next Generation’ CPL Online courses outstrips others available in the market.

“Through our big data platform we can provide clients with data analysis functions never seen before in hospitality training. The courses are all built for mobile, the fastest growing form of e-learning, and are available via the CPL app, meaning learning is truly possible ‘on-the-go.”‘

The first set of courses to be launched are a range of CPL’s most popular compliance courses, ‘Fire Awareness’, ‘Food Safety’ and ‘Health and Safety’ which are available from Monday 18th January 2016.

Curriculum content has been refreshed and the style of delivery has been revamped. The courses are now more accessible, with mobile optimisation, while also being more mentally stimulating and engaging.

HPCC Systems – from Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, one of the world’s biggest data analytics companies – powers the CPL big data platform. This platform has been revolutionary for CPL and has enabled them to introduce some exciting, unique course features.

“When we set our team the task of creating a brand new e-learning concept, we challenged them to not just develop from a user experience perspective but to take a problem-solving approach. The features we have included in our new ‘Next Generation’ courses are a testament to not only their technical abilities but their understanding of our clients’ needs.

“Take for instance our language translation feature; this was developed after a member of the team pointed out the large proportion of migrant workers, in the UK hospitality industry, who consider English as their second language. This workforce will find the language translation facility hugely useful, and their employees will be confident that their staff are informed and qualified.” added David. 

The full catalogue of CPL Online’s e-learning courses will be redeveloped into ‘Next Generation’ courses in the upcoming months. 


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