Corporate learning is ‘wildly out of sync’, says Towards Maturity report

More than 70 per cent of L&D professionals are not proactive in understanding how individuals in their organisations learn, according to new research. 

The new report, The Consumer Learner at Work, produced by Towards Maturity in conjunction with learning provider Filtered, surveyed 2,000 potential workers about their aspirations and the experience of learning in the workplace.

It also reveals that employees believe online learning has a positive impact on their job performance, while only 42 per cent agree that their company provides the relevant resources to further their career. 

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The report suggests L&D teams need to be aware of the importance of having easy access to practical learning that will add value to their lives. Of those sampled 70 per cent were motivated by technologies that allow them to network and connect with each other, 90 per cent download apps to further their learning, 50 per cent are education-based and 49 per cent are productivity tools.

Currently, half of of L&D leaders involve communities of practice in their offerings, yet only 11 per cent encourage staff to solve problems socially together and just 12 per cent use curation tools to facilitate access.

The research also shows that employees want relevant content at the point of need and require technology to connect and learn from others and access resources.

  • 80 per cent say Google or other web search resources are either essential or very useful to  work-related learning
  • 77 per cent see working with others as essential or very useful
  • 66 per cent rate self-paced e-learning courses while 47 per cent see classroom courses as essential or very useful.
  • 70 per cent use their own smartphone and 52 per cent their own tablet for learning

When relevant content is on offer 61 per cent of L&D leaders do not having a clear communications policy and only 3 in 5 saying that staff can access learning at any time.


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