The attitude of gratitude

In his final article on attitude in customer service Steven Harris urges us to recognise those who have contributed to our success.

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
 Marcel Proust
When you have achieved what you wanted to achieve do not forget about the effort that went into it. It is really important to recognise how far you have come and celebrate your success. Even if your goal has not been fully achieved celebrate the mini-successes along the way —​ celebration along the way gives us added momentum and additional ideas for continuing.
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So once you are fired up and ready to go and achieving what you want to achieve, make a list of all the people that helped you along the way – the attitude of gratitude. It is very often forgotten once we get on our journey, but it is really important. People really appreciate being thanked. When they are, they are then more inclined to help you again in the future. 
Our journeys through life are never straightforward. We all need help and advice from others. People who feel appreciated will want to help you so make sure you show them that appreciation. 
It does not really matter how you thank someone, it is the thought that counts. The fact that you took the time to tell someone you are grateful for what they did or are doing is the point. Don’t deliberate too long on deciding which medium is best. As long as your message is genuine, it will be appreciated.
You might be surprised to learn that most people don’t receive thank you messages all that often. It’ll make them feel fantastic when they receive your kind words, guaranteed.
A thank-you note is not only a great way to be remembered, but also to be introduced. Whether it’s a speaker at an event that you didn’t get the chance to meet in person, or the author of a book that inspired you, thanking people is a great way to get on their radar and make that personal connection
Being grateful for what you have received and expressing that to others will bring other positive things into your life. You will be more aware of how others impact you, and will want to return the favour. That positive and appreciative attitude will attract more good things.
With an attitude of gratitude you will make the people around you feel appreciated, and with that will come a wealth of personal connections and opportunities.
Steven Harris is founder and managing partner of Energize Learning and can be contacted at and these articles are based on his book Fired Up and Ready to Go!

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