10 of the best content curation tools to fill your business blog

Nearly everything is out there on the internet, including perhaps the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Finding it is the hard part. Google alone has access to more than 45 billion websites.That’s only the tip of the iceberg, with the surface web only accounting for 0.03 per cent of digital content.

In other words, even if you can scan thousands of pages a day, by the time you learned the answer, not just you but the universe would probably be dead.   

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What we need is ways to access that information more intelligently. What we need is information curation software. Fortunately, in the last few years real inroads have been made in that regard.

If we use these tools correctly we can be on top of things and use that information to enhance both the understanding of our readers and our colleagues, as well as boost our business blogs readership!  


This visual collaborative library lets you collect what matters to you and keep it at your fingertips. It lets you naturally organise what you find in ways that are intuitive and useful. Add to that the focus on education and it becomes a must-have for keeping on top of your market and keeping your business blog up to date. 

Post Planner

One way to rate what’s important is by popularity and this has become an oft used strategy. Post planner, for example, finds the information that’s doing best online and then helps you turn that into a post. This will help your site’s engagement and, if you have any faith in humanity, should generate objectively interesting content. After all, you’d assume that the answer to life, the universe and everything would at least be a trending topic, right?


This curation software relies on algorithms and curators rather than just popularity. You select the topic(s) that you want to be informed about and they do the rest. Then, through their publication software you can instantly make what you find available.

Trust my paper

Sometimes you don’t have the time to turn what’s out there into something interesting and cohesive. In that case a writing site is the answer. They can create engaging content that is interesting, digestible and memorable besides. And that will make communicating a new message or lesson just that bit easier (to not even mention how much faster it will make you). 

Elearning Tags

Here the focus is about discovering, sharing and discussing information specifically related to – as you might have figured out from the name – e-learning. Though it might not be as flashy or as user-modifiable as the others, the audience and the focus are sure to make this a winner. 


This software package lets you and your team create collaborative stories using tools from around the web. By creating an on-the fly narrative you’ll be able to tap into our species’ storytelling needs, enhance recollection and make your blog the go-to place for your business niche.


With this curation program the listicle become social. With people being able to publish, modify, comment and upvote what they like. In this way people can use the power of lists, which are all the rage for a reason, and social networks to create something truly informative. Add to that when people have a say in something they become more engaged with it and you can see its power.


Turn your favourite websites into a magazine, where you can read up on what matters to you, be it technology, educational development or the newest curation techniques. This will allow you to stay abreast of the latest developments in your field and thereby make certain that the content you’re posting is at the cutting edge. And it’s pretty besides!


This curation page makes use of visual pins that naturally combine and connect you with those things that matter to you and your audience. As an added bonus, somebody’s already figured out how to use it in the classroom, making it that bit easier to take your material from your blog to your workshop.


Yes, you know about Google. And yet no curation list would be complete without it; or more specifically, without a mention of ‘Search related terms’. These sit at the bottom of every google search page and let you dig deeper into a topic as well as broaden your understanding. When trying to learn something new about a topic, make certain that you tap this underutilised tool. It might be simple, but that doesn’t matter if it works. 


The internet’s size is both a positive and negative. Everything is out there but that doesn’t mean you’re going to find it. The trick is knowing how to look. These curation sites will certainly help. Use them to explore the questions that matter and find the material you need.

Oh, and if you do find the answer, be so kind as to share. It would be so nice to find some meaning through a trending topic.

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