TJwow recording – state of the L&D industry discussion

The first #TJwow live webinar discussion happened this morning, 23rd May, and the recording is now online

This morning the first of the week of webinars, which is launching the TJ webinar series, went live.

Discussions about the title topic, “The state of the L&D industry” were varied and far reaching, much like the locations of the participants in the live discussion.

Deputy Editor and webinar host, Jo Cook, said “This was a great live discussion and I want to say thank you to all the participants for their great conversations, questions and sharing, and of course to the passionate professionals that were speaking live on webcam.”

The speakers included Donald H Taylor, Sunder Ramachandran and Beverley Aylott.

During the discussion Taylor said that the profession needs to be ready for the 21st century and Aylott commented that we all have no excuse to avoid technology.

Ramachandran commented that L&D professionals need to understand how consumers connect and how to keep aligned to the business.

Aylott followed this by commenting about the point of need and that L&D need to keep abreast of when customers want to have their learning, not about when we want to deliver.

Discussing the changing roles within L&D, Aylott continued, saying that she has found her role is often about getting external recognition and credibility internally, so a lot more about marketing and PR.


The depth and breadth of the conversation is available on the free discussion recording of State of the L&D Industry.

We will have all the recordings on our webinars page.

More discussions

There are more free webinar discussions in our launch week – topics are sales, social media, neuroscience and personality assessment tools.




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