Skill Pill launches new digital learning platform

Digital learning provider Skill Pill has launched ‘20% in a box’, a cloud-based app suite designed to encourage and support learning from others. 

Skill Pill’s new solution helps organisations to maximise social learning (the 20%) in the 70:20:10 model is widely regarded as the go-to framework for supporting a rigorous balance of formal and informal learning in the workplace today. 

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It includes four key elements, such as high impact training videos to improve coaching and mentoring skills, myTV video upload – a social platform which enables people to share insight and best practice, live 360 – a tool to drive peer-to-peer feedback and text Shortcuts to prompt and facilitate insightful reflection

Skill Pill founder Gerry Griffin said: “Discussions around the water cooler or coffee machine will always be an important way to share ideas and knowledge. However, with the rise of technology, L&D has a great opportunity to support social learning in the workplace, and with 20% in a box, we’re making it easy to nurture a culture of mentoring and coaching and enable today’s self-activated learners to collaborate and share knowledge and expertise in new and exciting ways.”

The 2015/16 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report shows that Top Deck organisations (which are five times more likely to agree they are improving productivity, employee engagement and business responsiveness) are proactive at improving all three areas of the 70:20:10 model, rather than focusing on just one area. 

“For many organisations, the 20% is the next most logical and attainable junction on the journey of evolving workplace learning beyond the classroom. It’s the ‘low hanging fruit’ and, therefore, a great place to start, particularly given that it involves coaching and collaboration, both of which are still within the gift of standard L&D departments,” Gerry Griffin added.

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