Mandisa Regrello: Trinidadian lawyer creates momentum for a springboard to success

Women in the Caribbean are now benefiting from an award-winning development programme that transforms their lives for the better.

The twelve-week initiative is run by Springboard Consultancy (SBC), an international training company based in the UK. It was set up to encourage women from all backgrounds and ages to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take, while building their skills and confidence.

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Mandisa Regrello, from Trinidad, joined the programme in 2008, while she was studying for a Masters’ degree at the University of Cambridge.

“I wasn’t looking for the course, my life was progressing in a very positive way, but I didn’t know why I was progressing – why was I doing well? What change did I want to bring about in my country and life?

“The programme makes you discover your core values and the tools to set your personal and career goals in alignment to the core values.”

After she had completed her Master’s degree, Regrello returned to Trinidad and became a successful lawyer. Feeling confident and empowered, the mother-of-two wanted to inspire other women to make positive changes in their lives.

She said: “My transformation was internal and was so powerful. The course gave me a better sense of who I want to be and what it took to be successful as a mother, daughter, lawyer and business partner.

“The programme gives women confidence and they become assertive. Some will change jobs, while others might finally stand up in meetings and ‘say no.’”

In October 2014, Regrello established Momentum Consultancy, with two other women, to bring the Springboard programme to Trinidad and make it available throughout the Caribbean.

The first Springboard (Condensed) programme – sponsored by Caribbean Airlines – took place earlier this year, with 17 women enrolled on the course. A second programme (full-length and conducted solely by Caribbean trainers) concluded successfully this month.

“My legacy is to make a positive difference and see how women respond and how the course has met their needs. I believe very strongly in what the product can do, for now I’m thinking this is my reason for being here,” she added.



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