Gamified training hub encourages staff engagement

Brand & Deliver has built a gamified training and learning platform for electronics giant LG to educate and engage staff and retail partners, helping them to learn and ultimately sell LG products.

LG Lounge is a fun and interactive learning hub that will encourage staff and its retail partners to visit regularly and boost their product knowledge. Simple arcade style games are interspersed with product related questions and quizzes that must be completed by the user before they can progress to the next round of gameplay.

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Rob Pratt, Head of Design at Brand & Deliver: “Combining visually engaging gameplay with learning is the most effective way to increase knowledge retention and promote user interest. The LG Lounge has been designed to create loyal brand ambassadors who are rewarded for learning about the products they’re selling.”

Points and badges are awarded for completing each part of the training, which can be used as an online currency to enter prize draws to win smartphones, TVs, vouchers and accessories. A leader board further promotes healthy competition and engagement.

Carolyn Anderson, Head of Consumer Marketing and Retail at LG, added: “We’re totally committed to the gamification of training as the best way to equip our staff and partners with the knowledge they need to sell effectively. The LG Lounge will offer continuously updated content, news and product information which can be accessed by staff and partners whenever and wherever it suits them, to complement existing in-store training.”





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